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These new PDF charts can help you pace your next marathon to perfection…

Signed up to the London Marathon, aiming for 4 hours on the dot but don’t know where to start? Secured a place at Boston, dreaming of sub-3 hours 30 but are unsure of your sustainable speed?

Heck, maybe you’re just thinking of doing a marathon one day in the distant future?

Do not fear – this is where my collection of run pacing charts come in. The charts below show you at what pace-per-mile you’ll need to run to secure your goal race time.

For instance, more experienced marathon runners seeking a time of around 2 hours 30 will have to unleash a consistent 5:45 min per mile, while a metronomic 9:10 min/mile will be needed for those seeking a 4-hour final time.

But that’s not all. Each mile is tracked so you can also determine your perfect pace to hit your half-marathon goals. I’ve also highlighted 5 km and 10 km goal times and the pace required.

In short, these pacing charts will not only help you to visualise your race pacing, but can help you to structure your training accordingly.

Choose Your Marathon Pace Chart

Right, enough chat – onto the charts, which I’ve categorised for the following goal marathon times: 2:15-2:45hrs; 2:45-3:15hrs; 3:15-3:45hrs; and 3:45-4:15hrs.

They were originally designed for people following our free and premium marathon training plans – and you’re welcome to use them too.

Detailed Marathon Pace Chart PDFs

Our marathon pacing chart PDFs include timings at every mile throughout the race, with pacings at every 5-second interval. Click on the links below, to view, save or print them. Enjoy…

Simple Marathon Pace Chart (Sub-3:15hrs)

Pace (min/mile)5:105:456:206:507:25
5 km16:0317:5219:4121:1423:03
10 km8:0611:4415:2118:2846:05
10 mi51:4057:301:03:201:08:201:14:10
13.1 mi1:07:441:15:221:23:011:29:351:37:13
26.2 mi2:15:282:30:452:46:032:59:103:14:27

Simple Marathon Pace Chart (Sub-4:15hrs)

Pace (min/mile)8:008:359:109:45
5 km24:5126:4028:2930:18
10 km49:4353:2056:581:00:35
10 mi1:20:001:25:501:31:401:37:30
13.1 mi1:44:521:52:312:00:102:07:49
26.2 mi3:29:453:45:034:00:214:15:38

Using Marathon Pace Charts

Before you rush off and start using these charts, it’s important to be realistic about setting your marathon goals. Avoid the temptation to pace yourself for a time you’d “like to achieve”, based purely on hope.

This is usually the path to failure. And I should know – I’ve done it a few times myself.

A better solution is to set yourself feasible marathon goals based on recent race times, or times set in training. For example, in our marathon training plans we include fitness tests every 8-weeks that can help you do this.

You should also check out my blog post about predicting marathon times, based on previous race results. This will help you decide which pace is most suitable for you on marathon race day.

Once you’ve worked out your perfect pacing strategy – and made allowances for the conditions – all that’s left is for me to wish you good luck!

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Phil Mosley (Coach & Founder)
Phil Mosley (Coach & Founder)

Phil is a recognised expert in the field, having featured on many endurance sports publications. He founded MyProCoach in 2010 to sell premium training plans complete with email coach support for triathlons, duathlons, running & cycling.

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About Phil Mosley

Phil is a successful coach & athlete, having sold over 20,000 training plans on TrainingPeaks and been featured on countless publications. His focus is on smart training that still leaves quality time for your family, friends & career. You can learn more about MyProCoach™ here or preview your training plan now.

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