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Top 5 Nutritional Gift Ideas For Triathletes

Christmas is a great time for overindulging with food and drink, but at some stage (normally New Years Day) you’ll need to get back on the straight and narrow.

These Christmas gifts are ideal for beating the guilt and boosting your performance.

Nutritional Christmas Gift Ideas For Triathletes

1. Blender

Milk,  yoghurt and fruit are all excellent recovery foods, and one of the nicest and most convenient ways of eating them is blended up as a smoothie.  So why not ask Santa for one which will chop fruit easily, or if you’ve been especially good, one which will blend ice too.  Get all the ingredients chopped and ready before you go training.  Then, when you return you can pop them in your new toy and enjoy the perfect recovery snack.

2. Triathlon nutrition consultation

Consultation prices differ from practitioner to practitioner but having someone take a good look at your diet can really help your performance.  Whether it is simply fuelling training, managing your body weight or helping you to maximise race-day performance a nutritionist or dietician will be able to help.

3. Cooking lesson

If your cooking skills are not quite up to scratch then learning to cook properly will really help.  Look for cooking lessons which will provide you with basic skills.  Don’t go for anything too fancy or difficult. It will increase your chances of having a balanced diet and will be able to cut out some of the rubbish which can creep into your diet when you eat instant foods.

4. A weekly planner

Planning your meals can be a really effective way of making sure you get the right foods at the right time.  Sit down each weekend and look at your training program along with your work and general life schedule.  Look at when you have more time and when you have less.  On those nights where you have plenty of time to cook in bulk when time is tight look to have leftovers.  You will see improvements in your training with this approach.

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5. A Camelbak (or similar)

These can be a real bonus, especially for those following an ironman training plan, especially on long runs.  Staying hydrated through these runs can be difficult, but if you can you will reduce the stress of training and recover quicker after the run.  Get a good cleaning system too as after a while they can become very unhygienic.

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Phil Mosley (Coach & Founder)

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