Duathlon Off-Season Maintenance Plans​

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Is An Off-Season Maintenance Plan Right For You?

At the end of the duathlon season it’s important to take some downtime, for physical and mental recovery. Our off-season plans are designed to maintain your well-earned fitness whilst recovering from your season of racing and duathlon training. The aim is that you’ll be fit AND recovered when the time comes to start ramping up your training again.

How Can A Maintenance Plan Benefit Me?

  • Peace of mind that you’re training right – even in the off-season
  • Maintains your duathlon fitness, while promoting freshness and recovery
  • Frees up your time in the off-season, for career, family and friends.
  • Having a break now helps you stay motivated further down the line
  • Feel fit, fresh and strong when it’s time to train hard again

Choosing An Off-Season Maintenance Plan

We have off-season plans to cater for Sprint and Standard Duathletes as well as Long-Distance Duathletes

Choose from our 4, 8, or 12-week off-season plans at beginner, intermediate or advanced level. 

The duration of your plan will depend on where you are in the year, and the dates of your target races. It also depends on how you feel. 

Are you tired from a long season, or particularly ough event? The extend your off-season by choosing our 12-week plan.

Which level you choose depends on your current fitness, aims, experience and time-availability. Click on the plans below to learn more about the starting requirements.

You can fit them all around a full-time job, especially if you have a little flexibility in your day-to-day timetable.

Providing you maintain your duathlon fitness in the off-season, we recommend you commence full duathlon training at around 20-24 weeks before your target events.


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As an athlete and parent, I know how challenging it can be to train effectively for endurance events. Being a certified coach with over 20 years’ experience, the biggest challenge is balancing my client’s training with their lifestyle…

And that’s why I started MyProCoach™ – to offer the world’s most comprehensive range of online training plans, all designed to help you enjoy the same success that my athletes and I have, while still making sure you have quality time for your family, friends and career (read 100+ detailed reviews here). You can also hear from me in a series of 6 short explainer videos below:

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Why Use Our Training Plans?


Premium, flexible plans

Research-backed plans for any experience-level that fit around your lifestyle. From leading endurance coach Phil Mosley.

Intuitive tracking software

A flexible calendar, targeted training zones, trackable progress and so much more - on any device.

Email access to coach

On top of full help-centre & FAQ support (with videos), our coaches will quickly reply to any questions you have via email.

Our Duathlon Off-Season Maintenance Plans


We use TrainingPeaks to deliver your plan – the world’s most popular endurance coaching platform. Free to use, TrainingPeaks is an online calendar that lets you record, track and analyze your training sessions. 

It has a host of great features allowing you to get as in-depth as you like, including the ability to export your workouts to your training devices (Garmin, TrainerRoad etc) and follow them in real time. 

TrainingPeaks enables us to set you in-depth training plans in a way that other formats cannot. Phil Mosley is a Certified Coach and one of the best-selling coaches on the platform.

We want to provide an affordable and effective training solution, including email coach support for any questions you may have.

Our Certified coaching team are on hand to answer any questions during the first use of your plan, plus a bonus 3 months after its completion. During checkout, please also share your email so I can send you a series of 5 helpful emails to get you started.

As you can understand, some limits apply, like personalisation or analysis of your training, but for anything else relevant to your plan, we would love to help. You also have full access to our online help centre, with videos and articles to help you train effectively.

We have a huge range of plans that enables you to select one that best meets your goals, schedule and ability. If you’re not sure, we’d strongly recommend you read through our popular help centre article on this topic, or read on below for a quick overview.

Length of Plan
For the best outcome, count back from your “A” target race date (or use an online calculator) and simply choose a plan to fill that gap (you can still work in other, smaller races during your plan). Note that longer plans start easier and progress more gradually than shorter plans. The body responses best to constant, gradual progression with regular recovery periods, and that’s exactly what our plans are designed to give you!

Level of Plan
Choosing the correct level will help you get the most out of your plan. Generally, if you’ve never done this event before or currently train up to a few times per week, you might consider a Beginner plan. Alternatively, if you’ve done this event many times before or currently train 5+ times a week, you might consider an Advanced plan.

But don’t worry too much – we also let you swap the level for free within 14 days of purchase, if you find it too easy/hard!

Click here to read the full article in our help centre or feel free to get in touch if you’d like further guidance.

Certainly! Our training plans allow you to easily swap a few days around each week to suit your availability. Or you can swap out a session, to attend a similar group workout instead. That’s fine. If you opt for Training Peaks Premium (from $9.92 per month) you can even drag & drop your workouts onto different days. We give a few recommendations on how to best do this in our help centre.

And you can also train for multiple events! Our training plans guide you up to your target “A” race, but it’s also good to include some “B or C” races along the way. Our help centre goes through the exact steps you should take to enable you to get full benefit, without detracting from your key focus.

Sprint and Standard Duathlon

  • Recover from your season of racing and duathlon training
  • Switch plans free within 14 days
  • Same, great features as all our other plans

Long Distance Duathlon

  • Recover from your season of racing and duathlon train
  • Switch plans free within 14 days
  • Same, great features as all our other plans

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Raced the Nass Duathlon yesterday. Improved my time by 4 mins. ​It was my fastest time ever on the course. ​
Franky Wright - March 2015
I just thought I'd let you know that using your schedule, I managed to qualify for the World Duathlon Champs in Canada in Aug. To say I was pleased would be an understatement!
Robert Wickham - May 2017
I used your 8 week standard duathlon training program and found it immensely helpful. Thanks to your training program and the countless answers to my questions I was able to qualify for my first Worlds! I cannot thank you guys enough for everything you did for me in the past 8 weeks, no way would I have been able to get into shape to race against the best if it wasn't for your guidance.
Patrick Keys - April 2018

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