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193 reviews
Peter Richmond
Duathlete, June 2020

Progressive I'm just hitting the build phase of my plan leading to a sprint duathlon later in the year, its been really easy to follow the plan and I'm really noticing the improvements in speed and power in both cycling and running which gave me a new 5K PB this morning. - 20 Jun 2020

Damir Proso
IRONMAN 70.3, May 2020

Hard but achievable. I always have trouble balancing work-training-life, like everyone I guess. With the plan and combination with TrainingPeaks, I can see the benefits and look forward to the days off. The flexibility of the plan is also a + for me since I can move around the sessions as I please if I stay longer in the office or life events take control. I got what I wanted, and it is to have the plan on my wrist I just have to know in advance the type and the length dress up and listen to what my watch is dictating. Where... >> read more - 25 May 2020

Dan Forer Avatar
Dan Forer
IRONMAN 70.3, May 2020

Quality: Intermediate 70.3 Quality Ironman 70.3 intermediate plan. I recommend it! I’m an amateur with 10yrs of competitive Tri and duathlon racing at world level in the past. I’m also experienced in training with no plan and a few extra kgs - this doesn’t work. I’ve trained in squads, on generic plans, dedicated one-to-one coaching in that time with various approaches from sprint to full Ironman. So I’ve seen a lot what what is out there. This plan is quality. On reading I could tell it was very good. The difficulty as intermediate is well placed. Its suitable challenging for someone with racing... >> read more - 21 May 2020

Roman Lachner
Olympic Triathlete, May 2020

Very helpful training plan An excellent Plan. I made a huge progress in my training with the olympic triathlon plan. - 15 May 2020

Anthony Brydon
IRONMAN 70.3, May 2020

Well structured and progressive training programme. I was in two minds about buying a training programme when you can get plans for free from magazines, websites etc. but I haven't looked back since buying one from myprocoach. I found it very well structured in a way which progressively improved my fitness, from pretty much nothing, to ready for an Ironman 70.3. This was after a break from any form of sport for 15 months due to an injury. This is all without the training taking over your life. The workouts are structured in a way that they are very beneficial but without being too time-consuming for... >> read more - 12 May 2020

Serter Büker Avatar
Serter Büker
Duathlete, May 2020

Perfect Plan First of all, thank you for the great Duathlon Plan which I purchased nearly 6 months ago. I have 3 'A' races this year but only one I can complete only because of COVID. I finished 3rd in my age group on Turkish Triathlon Federation Cross Duathlon Race. Now I will look new plan for my 10K PR. - 12 May 2020

IRONMAN 70.3, May 2020

Great plans and great team! Great 70.3 training plan and great support from the team! Removes the guesswork, just put your head down and follow the plan. Going from Olympic distance to 70.3 they perfectly advised on what plan was right and provided support along the way through injuries and race cancellations. Can't wait to put all that training into a race once that COVID19 crisis is over. - 08 May 2020

Runner, April 2020

Love to run now Having a training plan instead of running to run has dramatically increased my love for running. The running plan has allowed me to focus on the need rather than the want. I will continue to buy these plans because not only does it keep me focused, but I see results. - 29 Apr 2020

Paul Brimhall
Century/GranFondo Cyclist, April 2020

Perfect Plan for an OFG (old fat guy)! I will never again try to train without coaching and a plan. Simply getting out there and riding is fun, but then it is just activity. In order to get physical benefits, to me it is important to have a training plan. As a 68 year old, the plan was perfect in not trying over do things but yet I was challenged. I must add that the essential part was getting a good bike fit so that I could really put all I had into it without damaging my knees and back. Thank you for helping me get results. - 21 Apr 2020

Michael B
IRONMAN 140.6, April 2020

Motivation MyProCoach provide me with an opportunity to motivate myself and complete programmes within timescales rather than taking the easy option of doing nothing. - 14 Apr 2020

IRONMAN 70.3, April 2020

Great plan and great customer service during COVID-19 I bought the 70.3 master 30 week plan. I had delays starting and keeping to a structured plan due to CV-19 lockdown in Sydney. I asked to change to the 24 week plan and was given the plan no questions asked. Great customer service/focus. - 12 Apr 2020

Bill Duncan
Olympic Triathlete, April 2020

I am back! Getting back into the sport after a 14-year hiatus, I first spent a few weeks with a different training platform, and when I found it wasn't really suiting me, I came across MyProCoach. My coach contact (Bob) was quick and helpful when I had a couple of questions before I'd even purchased a plan, and I signed up for the Beginner Olympic Distance Plan. The whole process was easy and Training Peaks made following the plan dead easy. I ended up getting to my 'B' sprint race before Covid-19 put a halt to the season. Following the My Pro Coach... >> read more - 07 Apr 2020

Scott Walsh
Marathon Runner, April 2020

Great Program and prepares you to start and finish strong. Was training for the Paris Marathon. When it got cancelled, I chose to go to Mrytle Beach nearly a month ahead of plan so I could get one in before all were cancelled. This program had me better prepared than any previous and I ended up getting a PR beating my goal time by nearly 8 minutes. Phil's Master program got me better prepared than any of the other 7 marathons that I have run. Thanks Phil! - 06 Apr 2020

Jonas Olsvik Avatar
Jonas Olsvik

Very satisfied I've got to say, I have been really sceptical to buying a general training plan and thought that the best option is hiring a coach but the price of coaching service have turned me off that. MyProCoach I have found to be the perfect middle ground with excellent training plans and super helpful email service. This is honestly the best training plan I have ever used. Thank you Phil and your entire crew! - 05 Apr 2020


The right plan for my first TRI I followed this plan to get ready for my first triathlon. Very satisfied with the plan, good intensity. Contacted the coaches by email a few times and they replied very fast. Unfortunately my tri was cancelled due to coronavirus, but was feeling READY! - 27 Mar 2020

Tim Rankin
IRONMAN 140.6, March 2020

I keep using Phils plans Hard to beat if you're looking for a cost-effective, structured plan, in TrainingPeaks. I've used 3 now (1/2 and full). All are similar so it does feel repetitive at times, but hey, he has so many he has to replicate the formula. - 21 Mar 2020


Great for coming back after injury! The 10 week plan for running a marathon is great for getting back into shape after an injury and you had a good base previous to getting injured. I was midway into my regular training plan and I had to stop for eight week due to a soleus strain! This plan helped me get back on track quickly and with lower risk of getting injured again. - 13 Mar 2020

Aaron Parker

Back running again After a 20 years of no training the 10km running plan has prepared me well for my first race in 2 decades. Love the integration with Training Peaks and my Garmin watch. - 13 Mar 2020

Leigh Tasker
IRONMAN 140.6, March 2020

You are an IRONMAN! I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the programme and the support you have given me over the last 8 months.

I completed IRONMAN NZ on Saturday in 12h 37m (My first IRONMAN). I think I missed only 2 or 3 sessions over the 40-week programme and I really felt strong on Saturday and enjoyed the experience. I am really pleased with my time. Strangely, all of my 4km training swims took me about 1h 25. I did the swim on Saturday in 1.08! Amazing!

What an amazing feeling to have Mike Riley call out ‘Leigh Tasker you are...
>> read more
- 10 Mar 2020

Trent Hunter
IRONMAN 140.6, March 2020

Excellent Structure For 2+ years I floundered around doing my own workouts and basing what I did on simply how I felt. The result was overtraining and peaking at the wrong time etc etc. The plan I now follow from MyProCoach has given me what I lacked. Professional guidance, structured meaningful workouts and above all else positive results 1 day at a time. I no longer need to guess on what is the best type of workout for where I am in my season as that work is all done for me. I have nothing but good to say about MyProCoach and... >> read more - 06 Mar 2020

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