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307 reviews
Kelly I.
Century/GranFondo Cyclist, July 2021

Great Preparation for the Erie Canal Bike Tour I prepared for the 8 day 400 mile Erie Canal bike Tour using the 10 week Intermediate Century. I felt prepared, well conditioned and had no problems physically with the ride. I felt I could maintain the zone 2 pace I had trained up for indefinitely. I also felt I knew a lot more about sports nutrition and training than many of the people on the ride. His program and advice were very helpful. The only modification I made to the program was to link sequential days of 3-5 hour rides to better simulate the actual event. - 28 Jul 2021

Leighton Main Avatar
Leighton Main
IRONMAN 140.6, July 2021

Ironman Lake Placid I used an intermediate training plan, for Ironman Lake Placid which allowed for plenty of training and life balance. The 3 disciplines had enough volume and intensity. I will definitely use MyProCoach again. I had a successful race “I finished” a very challenging course. Thank you MyProCoach. - 27 Jul 2021

Stéphane LAINE
IRONMAN 70.3 and 140.6 Athlete, July 2021

Qualified for the 70.3 World Championships! I've been using your training plans for four years now. First for half marathons and now for triathlon. After some half-ironmans I decided to use the advanced IRONMAN training plan (11-18h) to complete IRONMAN Kalmar in 2019 (in 10h37).

Three weeks ago I entered Sables d Olonne 70.3 in preparation for IRONMAN Copenhagen in August. I finished 11th in my age group (M45) and qualified for the 70.3 World Championships in St George in September.

I just wanted to thank you for the quality of your plans. They are clever, precise and they work!!
- 26 Jul 2021

Craig McPheator Avatar
Craig McPheator
IRONMAN 140.6, July 2021

Ironman ready in 8 weeks I used to be a coached athlete at 70.3 races and then Covid disrupted that. I had signed up for the Outlaw full distance for 2020, which was cancelled and postponed to 2021. I had trained myself for a year (mashing around really) and 8 weeks before the race I decided I needed to take the race seriously. I signed up for MyProCoach and their 9 week 140.6 training plan - a quick step up in training which I stuck to for 80/90% of the time - the swimming just wasn't possible with pools fully booked since Covid restrictions relaxed.... >> read more - 26 Jul 2021

Alessia Polemi Avatar
Alessia Polemi
Olympic Triathlete, July 2021

My 3yrs experience with MyProCoach plans I have been using MyProCoach plans for three years now, including spint/oly/70.3 tri and maintenance plans. I am very happy with them. I find that my fitness has increased consistently without major injuries. I am able to play around workout and move them around or even missing some, given family and work related schedule, and still getting very good results when racing. I would totally recommend them. - 26 Jul 2021

Christian Boyce Avatar
Christian Boyce
Unlimited Athlete, July 2021

Ironman UK.......Done!!! Really enjoyed using the 'Unlimited Athlete', the integration in TrainingPeaks, Zwift and Garmin made the workouts so easy to follow. Sally my coach was always very helpful and fast at getting back to me. So that's the 140.6 done and I have already sorted my next plan from MyProCoach for Ironman Weymouth 70.3 in September! - 20 Jul 2021

Kristen Miller
IRONMAN 140.6, July 2021

Plan was perfect! This plan was perfect for resuming for my first Ironman. I already had a good fitness base so the advanced plan fit right in with my training and schedule. I also liked that it wasn’t all LSD training. The strength workouts were a little boring and too repetitive, I started doing my own strength workouts on strength days. The interval and threshold work were good too, I would have liked to see some shorter interval done. Overall I’m feeling very prepared! Thank you! - 17 Jul 2021

Chris Riding Avatar
Chris Riding
IRONMAN 140.6, July 2021

Beginner IRONMAN 140.6 Plan I used a 39 week beginner Ironman plan and apart from the swims (pool closed for 3 months) followed it almost to the letter with some extra Zwift sessions with a Tri club. I found the way the intensity and distance built week on week spot on, and toward the end the recovery weeks were much needed! Having never run a mile two years ago I completed Ironman UK in some appalling weather conditions and apart from being soaked on the bike loved it. I have just bought an intermediate plan for a 70.3 in the Autumn and can't recommend... >> read more - 17 Jul 2021

G. Matthew Kennedy Avatar
G. Matthew Kennedy
Olympic Triathlon, July 2021

From Couch to Olympic Tri! Having never done anything like this ever in my life, I just finished my first Olympic Triathlon with the help of MyProCoach. Sally Dicken was personal coach for this journey and provided personal help and encouragement along the way. Highly recommended. I already signed up for next challenge: a Grande Fondo! - 15 Jul 2021

Thierry Connerotte
IRONMAN 140.6, July 2021

Achievement Hi, More than fifteen years ago, I completed some ironman (best split of 11:45). Afterwards, I tried to manage work, family, triathlon on my own wasn't successful (many DNFs). Until I started this year with MyProCoach. The workouts were fun, well-designed and I really felt these were for me. The most important discovery was that it's allowed to recover with long bike longer than 1:30 to complete an Ironman. And...that worked perfectly. Lot of fun in the training, no overload, achieved goal (14:00) on race day without pain and on top of that very fast post-race recovery. So... >> read more - 15 Jul 2021

Sean Redmond
Marathon Runner, July 2021

1 Hour PB!!! Masters Intermediate Marathon plan was fantastic, the workouts varied, productive and fun (except for fitness test :)) - My aim was for a 4hr marathon, my last Marathon was 4:51:20, committed to TrainingPeaks (paid) giving me the ability to move work arounds around if needed - not that I need that often as the training plan is well constructed around people with everyday (busy) lives. Trusted the plan, emailed the coach as needed, their support was fantastic with great advice. Ran my event and finish exactly 1 hour faster than my previous marathon!! - incredible stuff, the combination of great... >> read more - 15 Jul 2021

Guy Rae
IRONMAN 140.6, July 2021

Amazing Plans and Service I'm so pleased that I found MyProCoach training plans before I started training for my Ironman event. The easy to follow, structured and varied workouts are challenging enough to test you and improve your fitness, because they are tailored to your fitness levels, they always allow you to recover before the next session, which is a huge mental boost come race day. With Ironman Frankfurt postponed, I stuck to my plan and completed an IM independently. From the training I'd followed, I know that it was going to be tough, but more importantly I knew that I could achieve my... >> read more - 13 Jul 2021

Nichole Avatar
Unlimited Athlete, July 2021

Life savers! A huge shoutout to MyProCoach and their training plans. I just completed the Coeur d'Alene full Ironman course in June and it would not have been possible without all of the support, direction, and advice I received from them. My plan had me physically prepared and confident but as the event approached the forecast for extreme heat became worrisome, but thanks to Jess and Phil’s advice on handling heat, adjusting my nutrition, setting me up with my heart rate zones, and preparing me for what to expect I finished a race that many could not. I was a bit slower... >> read more - 10 Jul 2021

Tim Smit Avatar
Tim Smit
IRONMAN 70.3, July 2021

Son and Father Qualify for IM 70.3 World Championship In 2007, I competed in my first Ironman 70.3 World Championship race in Clearwater Beach, FL. When I crossed the finish line, I scooped up my 3yr old son and we crossed together. As we walked towards the beach, he told me that he will be an Ironman. Fast forward to 2021, my son, who just turned 18 signed up for his 1st Ironman event in Lubbock, TX. I came out of retirement and started training. I bought this training plan that he and I could both follow and prepare for that first event. The journey to the race was... >> read more - 03 Jul 2021

IRONMAN 70.3, July 2021

Great Coach Couple weeks ago I finished my 1st race of IM70.3 with finish time of 5:48:01, which kept me pretty happy at the finish line. To prepare for the race I used Phil's 33 weeks training plan with email access. I don't want to get too specific about the plan itself. It's very good in all aspects (in my opinion). However, I think the most valuable part of the plan is the option of Email Access to Coach...and more specifically - coaches that will be really helping you during your training. Most of my questions (and they were pretty tricky and... >> read more - 01 Jul 2021

Emily Acuri Avatar
Emily Acuri
IRONMAN 140.6, July 2021

Kona Qualification I’ve been using Phil’s advanced Ironman 140.6 training plans for 3 of my races, and with each race I’ve gone faster. This time I qualified for the Ironman world champs in Kona Hawaii by re reading all of Phil’s nutrition and race strategy collateral. I will train with Phil’s plan to prepare for Kona. - 01 Jul 2021

Greg Clarke Avatar
Greg Clarke
IRONMAN 140.6, July 2021

An Excellent plan to prepare for a Full Ironman This is an AMAZING plan. I signed up for a full Ironman and have used Phil's plan for another 70.3 race and a 140.6. I decided to step up to the Advanced plan for this race. Let me start by saying I am a 54 year old man with a very busy and demanding job, and I found the plan manageable. If you follow the plan as best you can, you will be more than ready for your race. I was a little concerned on the fact that none of my rides were more than 90 miles (as they are... >> read more - 30 Jun 2021

Christoph Avatar
IRONMAN 70.3, June 2021

A fun and challenging training plan I just successfully completed my first Ironman 70.3, and thanks to your training plan (IM70.3 advanced 20 weeks) it went super well! The training plan was great fun with every phase some interesting and challenging new workout variations so that it does not get boring. The plan gradually increases volume/intensity and after each easy week you feel a bit stronger and fitter. After the tapering weeks at the end of the plan I could feel my energy levels going through the roof and the form was perfect on race day. I found Phil's videos very useful and motivating - keep... >> read more - 28 Jun 2021

Joe Avatar
IRONMAN® 70.3®, June 2021

Fantastic, Easy to follow plan My plan was Phil's Beginner IRONMAN® 70.3® (6-11 hrs/wk) + Email Access to Coach: 24 Weeks. Cannot say enough about this plan. It is very easy to follow and so much knowledge. I loved how it was in minutes and not distances because it was about putting in the effort and not the miles. The simple explanation of "It's ok if you don't do the exact amount of time as long as you get a workout in" (Or something like that, I can't remember) actually willed myself through entire workouts. I struggled with swimming before this plan and when completed,... >> read more - 24 Jun 2021

Richard Hudson
IRONMAN 140.6, June 2021

Professional training platform for any level. These plans work really well. I have had comprehensive replies back within hours from my e-mail queries. The platform syncs effortlessly with my Garmin watch and bike computer so the workouts are ready to go with correct pacing and zones. I'm now tapering for my event and my VO2 max has increased steadily which reassures me the structured training is working! - 23 Jun 2021

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