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162 reviews
Ultra Marathon, Jan 2020

Great Ultra Marathon plan! The training is very different from what I am used to. It is good to do a recovery week after the tough weeks. I am very happy with the training plan. I will continue to follow and am already looking forward to my race in May. I'm excited to see how it goes. - 15 Jan 2020

Dave Leyland
IRONMAN 140.6, Jan 2020

New Year, New Plan Week 6 of a 36 week 140.6 Triathlon Plan and so far it's been really helpful. Initial tests allowed me to accurately calculate my training zones for all 3 disciplines and each workout now references those zones. A good mix of swim, bike and run with additional Strength and Conditioning sessions too. The plan is keeping me focused and on track and as a numbers geek, the TrainingPeaks app also allows me to analyse each session and each week to monitor fitness but also fatigue. - 14 Jan 2020

Leia Berry
Ironman 70.3, January 2020

The 27 week training plan you have formulated is such a gift to me. Greetings. I am 18 weeks out before my first 70.3 Ironman in Chattanooga, TN, USA.

Never have I ever followed a training plan for an upcoming race. Before this, I usually showed up for race day (over 8 half marathons and numerous 5k's) completely unprepared. After these races, I would be miserable for days. Unable to walk without wincing and usually making an emergency massage appointment.

This time is different. I can feel it. The 27 week training plan you have formulated is such a gift to me. Thank you. I am challenged during every session, but not to the point where...
>> read more
- 10 Jan 2020

Judit Mikuska-Tóth
10K Running, December 2019

My first training plan and 10K race preparation. This was the first time when I used a training plan - Phil's Beginner 10K Plan: 8 weeks. My first 10K race will be on 21/01/2020. I followed all the steps determined by the plan. It was totally clear and very helpful. Of course, I'm a little bit nervous about the race, but I think that is normal. I have already bought a new plan for 2020 - Phil's Intermediate Hald Marathon Plan for Masters: 12 weeks. My dream for this year is to run a half marathon at age 45. I'd like to run it only in September, but... >> read more - 02 Jan 2020

Mason Holden
Duathlete, December 2019

Super happy with the plan I chose one of the 12 week duathlon plans and I'm now a week away from my first race. It is the longest I have ever exercised without injury or getting sick from over training. My pace and stamina have improved greatly and I'm excited for what I choose to do next. The plan has been amazing. - 28 Dec 2019

Cyclist, December 2019

Great App Great app! - 27 Dec 2019

Michael Rigg
Ironman, December 2019

First Ironman With Phil’s Intermediate Plan, I just completed my first Ironman at the age of 61. Equally great, I beat my younger brother, who ran his first Ironman with me. I became a huge fan of the Plan as the training weeks rolled by: enough of a load to get me ready, but not so intense that I risked injury. Well designed. - 16 Dec 2019

Dave Leyland

Week 1 done. Just completed the first week of a 36 week 140.6 Intermediate Plan and the workout were well spread out through the week and most importantly they are achievable. The instructions are clear in each workout but there are also articles and help guides on the website if needed. Great start and looking forward to week 2. - 16 Dec 2019


First plan completed This was my first 6 week plan and am looking forward to my next one already. Although swimming was hard for me I like the balance between the riding/running/weights and swimming. I have already recommended plans to other people. One more week to go and the next one will be a 10 week plan. - 13 Dec 2019

Winai Pirajnanchai Avatar
Winai Pirajnanchai
Marathon, December 2019

My final result really surprised me! I just ran the Osaka marathon 2019 on 1 December. I finished in 3:58:13 hrs. That is my new personal best for my marathon. I using Phil Mosley 12 weeks Marathon Masters (40+) Training Plan​. I have done almost 90% of total workout in this training plan. The final result came out really surprised me, I never expected this because I had just recovered from Plantar Fasciitis before I started training. Thank you for your training plan that can comply with my lifestyle. - 11 Dec 2019

Chris Sharkey Avatar
Chris Sharkey
IRONMAN 70.3, December 2019

Thank you! Just wanted to thank you for the training plan and your advice through the plan. I have just completed the Bahrain IRONMAN 70.3 and had a wonderful day. I smiled all the way through it. It was my first triathlon and was delighted with a time of just under 6 hours. - 09 Dec 2019

Ignacio Vilas Eguileta Avatar
Ignacio Vilas Eguileta
IRONMAN, December 2019

very well structured plans I have used already Ironman 140.6 and 70.3 plans from Myprocoach and I really like the thinking behind the training schedule and sessions. It is very well structured and designed to aid you to get a good balance in between training and recovery. And one of the greatest things I have realized this year when using the same plan for the second time is that it was updated automatically, so some workouts were new and different. That helps with getting motivation forward. On top of it, you have great and quick support by email from the Myprocoach team when needed. - 07 Dec 2019

Mike Avatar
IRONMAN 140.6, December 2019

100% Worth the Money Used the Advanced 40-week IRONMAN plan and absolutely loved it! I was between the Intermediate and Advanced plans, but with the support/advice from the coaches, I was confidently able to purchase the plan that best suited my goals. The one thing about this plan that stood out to me was the organization: this plan works excellently for those busy during the weekdays. I was able to complete 85-90% of the workouts in medical school and during residency interview season, which I was extremely happy with. Second, there is a good balance with this plan because I never felt totally burnt... >> read more - 03 Dec 2019

Whitney Avatar
IRONMAN 140.6, November 2019

I am an IRONMAN! I used the Intermediate IRONMAN training plan for my first IRONMAN, and it was a huge success! And the coaches were extremely helpful and responsive when I had issues. I broke my arm 12wks out from race day, and they helped me plan around that to ultimately make it to the finish line...2hrs faster than I had hoped for for my first IRONMAN! - 01 Dec 2019

Calder Quinn
Marathon, November 2019

I just ran the Berlin Marathon in 4:36 using the Phil Mosely 12-week Intermediate Marathon plan. I followed every instruction to the T and I surprised myself with a strong and satisfactory performance (my prior two marathons I finished above 5 hours without a training plan). - 25 Nov 2019

Fernando Rivera
Century/Gran Fondo, November 2019

Gran Fondo The plan is awesome, I only miss the cadence, that will be good to have it in my future training plans.

"We are grateful for this feedback and are working to add further advice on riding at the right cadence." My Pro Coach
- 20 Nov 2019

Elise Gianchino
Duathlon, November 2019

Balancing training with life and work I have used Phil Mosley's training plans training for South African Duathlon Championships 2018 where I won my age group ladies 40-44 and qualified to go to Worlds. Thank you for these plans they really work, balancing training with life and work. - 20 Nov 2019

Koen Geerinck
IRONMAN 140.6, November 2019

Absolutely the right plan for the ultimate IM race experience! Last month I successfully completed my first IRONMAN 140.6, all thanks to Phil's Intermediate IRONMAN® 140.6, 16-week training plan. It was an incredible experience to reach the finish line smoothly, I arrived more than an hour faster than expected. The training plan really guided me super well in all important areas and therefore perfectly prepared me for the big day. Without a doubt, I will order a new training plan for my next IM races! Big thanks! - 18 Nov 2019

Ramunas Avatar
IRONMAN 140.6, November 2019

Sub 10 hour Chose 36 week IM plan for my first IM. Excellent guidance through 9 months of training led me to 9 hours 43 min IM finishing time. It was very motivating to see progress during several first months. The plan kept me disciplined when FTP, CSS flattened, especially in the longest training months. Very user-friendly integration with Garmin and TrainingPeaks. Highly recommend Phil’s plan to anyone who does not have a personal coach. - 15 Nov 2019

David Schwan Avatar
David Schwan
IRONMAN 70.3 for Masters, November 2019

Very Good Plan/Holistic approach Only 5 weeks into the training plan, but love so far. The only addition I would include is a plan that includes power for running and it would be perfect. Pic-Last season, 1st in the age group.

"We are grateful for this feedback and are currently researching the best way to add power-based run workouts to our plans - My Pro Coach"
- 15 Nov 2019

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