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579 reviews
Jody Avatar
Ironman 140.6, October 2022

Training for first Ironman I really enjoyed the training plan for the Ironman. The plan was laid out well and progressed well. My one issue that I ran into was a lack of training on the run portion.
I came off of a heavy training year of running and I felt that all of my gains last year were lost during this plan.
My goal for my first ever Ironman was to finish in 11 hours. I almost met my goal, 11:22:41. I meet my goal for the swimming portion, a little under 1 hour. I almost met my bike portion of 5 hours....
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- 27 Sep 2022

Ahmed Egiz
IRONMAN 70.3, September 2022

MyProCoach Rocks! With almost no experience in swimming and cycling, and minimal in running I finished my first IRONMAN 70.3!! Very happy with the plan and coach support.
I'm so grateful to coach Faye for her support and her timely and comprehensive answers to my endless questions and how she adjusts the plan accordingly. Thank you coach and thank you MyProCoach team!!
Can't wait for my next event!!
- 27 Sep 2022

Matthew DaCunha
IRONMAN 70.3 Athlete, September 2022

First 70.3 I used a 20-week prep plan for my first 70.3 tri. I had zero swim background and had only done an official 5k race before. My bike background was recreational with typically a 20 mile ride on the weekends. Despite my inexperienced background, the 20-week plan got me up to speed and I ended up smashing all my goals. I surprised myself with a 36 minute swim, sub 3-hour bike on a 2400 ft elevation course and a 2:15 run despite never having done a half-marathon distance before. I finished with feeling like I still had gas left in the... >> read more - 25 Sep 2022

Marcelo Andrade Avatar
Marcelo Andrade
IRONMAN 70.3 Athlete, September 2022

Great plan, flexible and works really well!!!! Just finished my first ever 70.3 Ironman at Western Sydney.
This is my third ever triathlon actually. First was a sprint in 2020, then an Olympic in 2021 and now the HIM.
Did it in 6:40 hrs which for me was a great result. The bike ride was slower because if recent flooding and too many pot holes (even the event organisers told everyone to take it easy and look out).
The run was good. I felt strong and did a time I was comfortable with.
Very happy with the My Pro Coach program. I'm an executive at the film industry and have a...
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- 25 Sep 2022

David Maher Avatar
David Maher
IRONMAN Athlete, September 2022

First 140.6! Phil and Team - I wanted to send my thanks for your plan I used in preparation for IM Maryland. As a former Div I athlete (XC, Track & Field) I have been around many different coaching, training, and preparation methods/techniques. The ease of use with your plan (utilizing TrainingPeaks) and flexibility when "life got in the way" (expecting our 3rd kid 🤯) ensured my plan adoption rate of 85%+ most weeks. Your check-ins (videos on how to set zones, best practices for mind-set or nutrition) were intuitive, encouraging, and built on my confidence as the program... >> read more - 22 Sep 2022

Boris Avatar
IRONMAN 70.3 and 140.6 Athlete, September 2022

The value here is insane Thanks to Phil and the MyProCoach team, I completed my first Ironman last month! I bought 2 plans, one for a 70.3, and one for a 140.6. I am so, so happy with both of them and truly don't think I would have found such a consistent motivation to train and eventually complete my races if I hadn't gotten them. When originally looking around for a plan to buy, I was very much a beginner and everything online that I could find looked a bit like gobbledegook to me. Plus, when looking at the price difference between the MyProCoach plans... >> read more - 22 Sep 2022

Emily M.
IRONMAN 70.3, September 2022

Phil hits a Trifecta for Triathlon Training! I was extremely happy with my results after using Phil's training plan for my second 70.3 race. The spacing of the workouts gave my body time to recover, the layout of the weeks trainings allowed for committing dedicated family time in the spaces between work and workouts, and the interval trainings were key to improving my overall triathlon time (at least a 12 minute or more improvement in each the swim, bike and run segments). I look forward to using another one of Phil's training plans for my next 70.3 race. THANK YOU PHIL!! - 20 Sep 2022

Davide Carfi Avatar
Davide Carfi
IRONMAN 70.3 Athlete, September 2022

First IM 70.3 Italy Cervia I followed the "Beginner IRONMAN® 70.3® for MASTERS 36-Week Plan" and it was the right choice. The structure of workouts during the training with bricks, strength indications and nutrition tips made the race day like: I can do that! I had strong self-confidence and good feelings during my first 70.3 race!
I followed for the first time a long training plan that gave me the right methodology to training and master all the 3 sports.
Next time I will try to push a bit as now I know that with a good training plan all is doable!!
- 20 Sep 2022

Mark Avatar
IRONMAN 70.3, September 2022

first 70.3 finished and all goals reached What a great race after a great year of Training with my MyProCoach training plan. Wanted to race a 70.3 distance and chose the according training plan for me. Main goal was just to finish since I have never ever done such a long race. The training was great in structure and progress and I have gained speed and confidence since day one.
Finished the Erkner 70.3 in 6.35 H:M one week ago, far faster than expected with my age and weight.
Thank you Phil and Team for the training plan.
- 19 Sep 2022

Tom Nagy
IRONMAN Athlete, September 2022

Picky In general, I liked the plan. The swim workouts were good and not too complicated. I thought some of the swims could be longer. I liked the bikes too, but I thought one or two 6 hour rides were needed. I particularly liked the 4hr bike/1:45 run. Running workouts were fine. My biggest issue was that my race was on Thursday instead of the weekend and I had to adjust the whole plan for that. All in all, I think I'll get to the starting line healthy and fairly well trained. - 19 Sep 2022

Jason Ennis Avatar
Jason Ennis
IRONMAN 70.3, September 2022

Great Program I have done a number of plans over the years but I can say that I have really enjoyed this one. I use a Wahoo watch and all of the workouts transfer over seamlessly including the swim workouts via Training Peaks. The volume of training works well with my work/life balance. I am looking forward to Ironman 70.3 in Barcelona in two weeks. I will definitely be purchasing the off season program and using another program for next year in preparation for Ironman 70.3 at Alcudia and the Lakesman Half. - 19 Sep 2022

Paul Bartak
IRONMAN 70.3, September 2022

Good with doubts I’m training for my 4th full distance IM race at IM Chattanooga. So, I’m not brand new to this. I’m also returning from an injury in 2019, which has me 4 years out from my last full IM. All this has been shared with the coaching staff.

The coaching staff has been mostly responsive. I also liked the occasional videos included throughout the training, although they disappear during some of the most difficult training.

While I understand the drive behind a duration based training plan, I’ve expressed to the coaching staff that the bike and running plans do not go far enough....
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- 17 Sep 2022

Joe Clay Avatar
Joe Clay
IRONMAN Athlete, September 2022

IM Masters Training Plan There are a lot of things that cannot be controlled while doing an Ironman. Weather became a huge factor for this year's Ironman Wisconsin for a lot of people. The only thing that I could control was me and my training. By following the 36 Week Master's IM Training plan, it got me to the start line injury free and confident that I had the engine to complete the IM no matter what the conditions were. Using Training Peaks also made every day easy to follow, track and understand. A few things I kept telling people was that this plan... >> read more - 16 Sep 2022

CHERRY ANN Weber Avatar
IRONMAN 70.3, September 2022

Awesome training plan! I used My Pro Coach plan to train for my first Ironman 70.3 race. I tried to do every workout in the plan and I feel like it really prepared me on race day. I was expecting to finish the swim in 45 mins and I did it in 40 mins and I’m not a very good swimmer!
The bike is my weakest leg because I crashed recently and I’m still terrified to be on the bike. I did most of the bike training indoors. It was nice to be able to do the assigned...
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- 16 Sep 2022

Maggie Swanson Avatar
Maggie Swanson
IRONMAN Athletes, September 2022

Race day success! My dad and I completed IRONMAN Wisconsin using your 36-week intermediate and 24-week advanced programs. Both training programs were awesome! My dad took 4th in his age group, and I won the women's amateur division and qualified for Kona in brutal conditions. We followed the programs closely, and they did their job! Thank you for a great program and experience! - 15 Sep 2022

Ian McCrae
IRONMAN Athlete, September 2022

Brilliant Plans and even better coaching I’m still relatively new to the world of triathlon, found MyProCoach after trying a number of different coaches (that didn’t work), I somewhat stumbled into MyProCoach at 2am whilst worrying about, who I was going to get to help me….(and I need help)

I hummed and hawed over whether or not to buy a plan, to go premium…. I decided I was going to go premium and it was 100% the best decision I made….

The standard plans are very good and maybe for experienced triathletes that’s enough.

However, for anyone who’s new, who’s intending to do more than 1 triathlon and who...
>> read more
- 15 Sep 2022

Wendy Tye
IRONMAN 70.3, September 2022

Totally prepared I just finished my first 70.3 and was completely prepared for this race. I followed your advice to a "t" and found that the day was actually just more of what I had already trained to do. Thank you so much. I plan to do another next year and will definitely use another plan of yours. - 13 Sep 2022

Damnjan Jovanovic Avatar
Damnjan Jovanovic
IRONMAN 70.3, September 2022

Great plan I needed a plan to bridge a month between two events since one was canceled, so I needed to have some plan to keep me fit for the next event.
I purchased a plan for 6 weeks IM 70.3 and executed it. Plan fulfilled that need 100%
- 13 Sep 2022

Sherri Z Avatar
Sherri Z
IRONMAN 70.3, September 2022

IM 70.3 AC This is the second year I’m using Phil Mosley’s 70.3 training plan. I feel the plan prepared me for the race. The plan also worked well with life schedule.
Despite dealing with a hip flexor injury I successfully completed this race and I’m quite happy about it.
- 13 Sep 2022

Anthony Diodore Avatar
Anthony Diodore
IRONMAN 70.3, September 2022

48 week 70.3 beginner plan Just finished Ironman Atlantic City 70.3. I used Phil’s beginner 48 week 70.3 plan to get it done. The plan itself is rock solid, and it will get you ready if you are dedicated and follow it as precisely as possible. It is very thorough and works best if you have a Garmin (or similar) watch that can read the workouts from TrainingPeaks. As a beginner without a coach, there was no guesswork, all I had to do was follow the plan, do my absolute best not to miss training and let it guide me through the process. When you... >> read more - 12 Sep 2022

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