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268 reviews
Chad Avatar
IRONMAN 70.3, April 2021

10/10 The training program and versatility of MyProCoach linked with training peaks is unbelievably amazing. I wanted to dial in my triathlon programing and this was the perfect way for me to do that. The program itself is super dialed in and very thoughtful with this approach to working out. You never overdo it, but you’re always working out at that threshold of peak performance. There’s no doubt in my mind to use a MyProCoach program again in the future - 21 Apr 2021

Ruth Hund
Marathon, April 2021

Keeping you on track! I'm a triathlete that didn't know what to do when I couldn't swim during lockdown, so I decided to try a marathon. I asked Phil what a good plan would be. He gave me the beginner master's plan and advised that I could still add in cycling workouts. The plan helped me focus on my rest as much as my workouts. It has been delightful to watch my performance improve by at least 30 seconds per mile! As it turns out, the really long workouts were too much for my bulging disk, but I am now signed up for a... >> read more - 17 Apr 2021

Bill Duncan
Olympic Triathlete, April 2021

I'm Lovin' it! Just finished my second racing season here in Australia with an Olympic distance triathlon and a Sprint distance 6 weeks earlier. I used MyProCoach's Intermediate 32 week Olympic Distance plan and outperformed all my expectations in both races. I knocked 7 minutes off my Sprint time from 12 months earlier and finished the Oly (my first) in 2:36 - top ten in my age group (M 50 - 54). I'm happy with the results, but even more than that I'm stoked with the way the training set me up for a great performance on race day, both physically and mentally.... >> read more - 14 Apr 2021

Anton Ilchenko Avatar
Anton Ilchenko
Unlimited Athlete, April 2021

Training Plan Which Worked to Perfection I am super grateful for the amazing training which worked to perfection. As a beginner triathlete, I signed up for IRONMAN 70.3 Intermediate Plan and Unlimited Athlete subscription. The plan was easy to follow and execute. All I needed to do is stick to my goals and execute each workout to the best of my ability. As a part time endurance athlete, I was not able to complete every single workout, but I did complete most. If it was not for Phil's plan and Faye's guidance and support, I would have not been able to achieve my goal. I highly... >> read more - 13 Apr 2021

GR Aimé
Duathlete, April 2021

Very happy!!! Bonjour! I'm 51 and I'm from the subarbs of Montreal, Canada. I have to say that I was very happy with my Standard distance Master's Duathlon plan (12 weeks). My goal when buying this plan was to have a structured workout that would combine two activities that I enjoy very much and that I'm fairly new to. Everything from the 2 days off per week, the activery recovery weeks every 3 weeks, and Coach Phil little videos that are always posted at the appropriate time in the training plan :-), did the job for me. I performed the distance at... >> read more - 04 Apr 2021

Attila Csizmadia
IRONMAN 140.6, April 2021

My first full ironman I've just finished my first full distance Ironman using the MyProCoach training plan. I had several questions and requests for change during the training. Including a last-minute reschedule of the race for three weeks later. The team have been super quick to get back to me every time. I know where I will be looking first for my next training plan. Thanks!! - 02 Apr 2021

Will Stevens-Harris Avatar
Will Stevens-Harris
Unlimited Athlete, April 2021

The Amazon of the Triathlon World I will never buy a plan from anyone else. Ever. I have used MyProCoach for 2 years now, and have been astonished time and time again by how responsive and personalised they make their service. I have had very unique challenges with work, but Phil and the team are more than happy to pull out the stops to make sure that I am in the best position on race day without burning out from too much training load. Needless to say, I arrived at the starting line with the confidence of Harvey Specter and crossed the finish line feeling like... >> read more - 01 Apr 2021

Kyle Avatar
IRONMAN 70.3, April 2021

Perfect 70.3 Beginner Plan I signed up for the 16-week 70.3 training programme with MyProCoach and got straight into it. I soon found out how underprepared I would have been for the event without some structure around my training sessions. The regular critical swim speed, run threshold and bike FTP tests were a great reference for how much the training was helping me improve. My swim speed increased by 13 seconds. My run threshold pace increased by 15 seconds. My bike FTP increased by 40 Watts. After making it through week 14 of the 16-week training programme and edging closer to race day, the... >> read more - 01 Apr 2021

Liam O'Neill
IRONMAN 70.3, April 2021

Your plan got me through a tough lockdown period Thank you for your training plans and the timely, thoughtful and targeted feedback I received, every time I reached out to you.

Your support and guidance was a key factor in helping me achieve my goal. When Melbourne went into our second lockdown last year I made a decision to use the time positively. I had completed a few sprint and Olympic distance triathlons and decided this was the perfect time to commit to training for a 70.3. Your plan got me through a tough lockdown period and had me coming out of it in better shape (mentally and physically) than...
>> read more
- 01 Apr 2021

Cliff Shardalow Avatar
Cliff Shardalow
Unlimited Athlete, March 2021

Olympic Masters Plan Review - its good to ok I've done more training and trained more consistently than I have before so that's good. The MPC team have been responsive e.g. changing my plan when an event gets changed or cancelled. I guess I might have expected a bit more proactive intervention but maybe I'm expecting too much. It would be good to be reviewed every month or two i.e. one of the MPC team takes a look at where I started and where I've got too. And maybe to review 'compliance'.
Thanks Cliff. Currently, email coach support is led by you and we are happy to help whenever you...
>> read more
- 31 Mar 2021

Unlimited Athlete, March 2021

Phil’s Intermediate Ironman 70.3 A very well thought through plan which I thoroughly enjoyed! Indeed, after completing my first 70.3 I have now continued training using the advanced 70.3 plan in preparation for my next event. The email responses and support were always very prompt. - 30 Mar 2021

Gareth S Avatar
Gareth S
Unlimited Athlete, March 2021

Awesome 70.3 Training Plan Very well balanced and enjoyable plan that got me well prepared to finish my first 70.3 in 5:46. It was great getting out of bed every morning knowing exactly what I needed to do and having the bike and run sessions programmed into my watch (via Training Peaks). My coach Faye was never more than a few hours away on email and always went above and beyond to answer my questions. Will definitely use a MyProCoach Plan for my next event. - 30 Mar 2021

Thomas Chan Avatar
Thomas Chan
Olympic Triathlete, March 2021

Did my first Olympic Triathlon - Hurray! Thank you for your help. First time using TrainingPeaks - great to have my week's training pre-organised and being able to ask a coach questions when I needed to. - 29 Mar 2021

Gregor Coster
Sprint Triathlete, March 2021

Happy Triathlete Phil's sprint triathlon training programme has been excellent for me. The volume and intensity of each of the sessions has been very well thought through and I feel fitter than I have for a while. The website has lots of useful information and the quality of support is excellent. Thanks again. - 24 Mar 2021

Unlimited Athlete, March 2021

Personalized, effective coaching Coach support is incredibly helpful, prompt, and personalized. It’s not fully automated - you “request” a plan and then MyProCoach applies it to your TP account, but that also allows you to specify precise details about start/end data or duration. All in all a wonderful service! - 20 Mar 2021

Danielle McElveen
IRONMAN 140.6, March 2021

Happy Triathlete I've been so impressed with the full ironman training plan. It is just challenging enough without being overwhelming. I like how well the plans synch with training peaks and my garmin. The ability to contact a live coach anytime is an added benefit. I highly recommend this for anyone looking for an affordable online coaching plan. - 19 Mar 2021

Unlimited Athlete, March 2021

Better than expected As an untrained manager, I decided to complete an IRONMAN. Just because it sounds impossible and so trendy... 🙂 COVID changed my plans as all the pools have been closed for a long time.

The Unlimited Athlete subscription allowed me to change my plan to a duathlon plan. Within a few hours, I got my new plan and now I am running and cycling faster than ever before.

Once the pools open I will ask for a triathlon plan again. The subscription offers month by month flexibility. With the included TrainingPeaks subscription managing my workouts is easy. I haven't yet...
>> read more
- 18 Mar 2021

Joshua Avatar
Unlimited Athlete, March 2021

Do It!!!!!!!! Awesome A+++. Dont train on insinct or to impress your buddies on Strava. Phil's plan meshes periodization with a flexible approach that will help prevent you from getting injured and achieve your goals. I have more energy for my family and a freaking libido again since I'm not going out and doing zone 4 or 5 every damn training session. Forget the PR's and stupid segements on Strava nobody really cares about. Every workout on Phil's plan is part of a grand design to help you peak for that A race. I feel confident with TrainingPeaks and Phil's plan and... >> read more - 15 Mar 2021

Kath Kinross Avatar
Kath Kinross
Unlimited Athlete, March 2021

Winning my Age Group! I wanted to drop my awesome coaches at MyProCoach a race report:
I had a great time racing in Clermont, Florida in The Intimidator 1/2 Iron Tri this weekend. I felt super strong in the swim, had the confidence to hold back a little on the bike and still had some legs left for the run. I even had a big smile the whole way!
When I collected my results after the race I got a lovely surprise: A trophy for winning my Age Group!!
- 15 Mar 2021

Matt C
Unlimited Athlete, March 2021

Responsive and Knowledgeable Coaches Faye has been very responsive, offered great advice, and helped me a lot during my prep with tweaks to fit my schedule and recovery. I couldn't be happier. - 08 Mar 2021

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