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179 reviews

The right plan for my first TRI I followed this plan to get ready for my first triathlon. Very satisfied with the plan, good intensity. Contacted the coaches by email a few times and they replied very fast. Unfortunately my tri was cancelled due to coronavirus, but was feeling READY! - 27 Mar 2020

Tim Rankin
IRONMAN 140.6, March 2020

I keep using Phils plans Hard to beat if you're looking for a cost-effective, structured plan, in TrainingPeaks. I've used 3 now (1/2 and full). All are similar so it does feel repetitive at times, but hey, he has so many he has to replicate the formula. - 21 Mar 2020


Great for coming back after injury! The 10 week plan for running a marathon is great for getting back into shape after an injury and you had a good base previous to getting injured. I was midway into my regular training plan and I had to stop for eight week due to a soleus strain! This plan helped me get back on track quickly and with lower risk of getting injured again. - 13 Mar 2020

Aaron Parker

Back running again After a 20 years of no training the 10km running plan has prepared me well for my first race in 2 decades. Love the integration with Training Peaks and my Garmin watch. - 13 Mar 2020

Leigh Tasker
IRONMAN 140.6, March 2020

You are an IRONMAN! I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the programme and the support you have given me over the last 8 months.

I completed IRONMAN NZ on Saturday in 12h 37m (My first IRONMAN). I think I missed only 2 or 3 sessions over the 40-week programme and I really felt strong on Saturday and enjoyed the experience. I am really pleased with my time. Strangely, all of my 4km training swims took me about 1h 25. I did the swim on Saturday in 1.08! Amazing!

What an amazing feeling to have Mike Riley call out ‘Leigh Tasker you are...
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- 10 Mar 2020

Trent Hunter
IRONMAN 140.6, March 2020

Excellent Structure For 2+ years I floundered around doing my own workouts and basing what I did on simply how I felt. The result was overtraining and peaking at the wrong time etc etc. The plan I now follow from MyProCoach has given me what I lacked. Professional guidance, structured meaningful workouts and above all else positive results 1 day at a time. I no longer need to guess on what is the best type of workout for where I am in my season as that work is all done for me. I have nothing but good to say about MyProCoach and... >> read more - 06 Mar 2020

IRONMAN Plans, March 2020

Best plan and coaching service for your challenges Best plan I ever used and an impressive and high quality coaching service provided by Jess and Phil. They are always very helpful and any question you have, they answer it very quickly. During the plan, I raised many questions to Jess, and she always provided a very valuable answer and advice. The plans are complete and accurate, and you can feel a quick improvement in your performance just in a few weeks. Undoubtably I will repeat with them in my next challenges. - 03 Mar 2020

IRONMAN 140.6, March 2020

IRONMAN 140.6 Plan Just started using the plan but I really like the detail in the plan. I'm still learning how to use Training Peaks which is confusing but the plan is good.

Thank you Matt, we are happy to hear you like your plan. Our coaching team has got in touch to help as you get started with TrainingPeaks. We will be on hand to answer any questions you have throughout your training.
- 01 Mar 2020

Lai KH
Duathlon Plans, March 2020

Duathlon The training plan is efficient and effective. It allows me to train with objective everyday and more importantly, rest when I should. - 29 Feb 2020

Kerry Smith Avatar
Kerry Smith

Loved everything about it I followed the beginner Olympic triathlon program and loved it. At first it felt like I wasn’t doing enough, but soon realised I had been over training and by following Phil’s sweet spot training I actually started getting faster and stronger even though by time I was doing less. I managed to catch a cold the week of my event, but despite this I was able to compete and finished the event within my time goal (less than 3hrs 30) and recovered well the next day. I felt strong throughout the event (well, except the last 3k which were up... >> read more - 22 Feb 2020

Arturo Anniballo Avatar
Arturo Anniballo
Masters Half Marathon, February 2020

Always take the chance to try Myprocoach ... and you'll never leave it again! Simply fantastic. Clear and precise explanations. Great professional support. Since I chose to buy my training plan, I have never felt "alone". As soon as I said that the plan I had chosen seemed light to me they immediately integrated with a superior one. I wouldn't hesitate to advise a runner to enter the world of MyProCoach. Another of the beautiful things I experienced was when my anaerobic threshold changed, I updated on TrainingPeaks and in just one click my whole plan was updated with new values, just fantastic! My compliments to all of you ... and never give up... >> read more - 17 Feb 2020

Diarmuid Crowley
10K Run Plan, February 2020

Good solid plan Good plan. Great descriptions and structure - 13 Feb 2020

Crt Avatar

I will never again train without a plan! First I want to thank you for creating this plan! Really helped me to train consistently. (i find that one of the best things about good structured plans is that I have fewer excuses and I do workouts consistently.)

When I trained without a plan, I was skipping workouts and eye-balling what I should do that week, never again. This plan made me train hard and made me start to enjoy the process of running more and more. I used to just went running full blast without a plan, no zone training, no heart rate monitoring.

Now I understand that...
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- 10 Feb 2020

Cycling Gran Fondo, February 2019

Recommend. I enjoyed the training and achieved my 100 miles goal I got Grand Fondo TP, about 10 weeks. Was preparing for my solo imperial century. Increased my FTP for 40 watt and made 100 miles in 6h 30 minutes. Workouts are so good once you set up your accurate FTP. - 08 Feb 2020

Andrew innes Avatar
Andrew innes
February 2019

The journey! Hi guys

All going to plan really enjoying the plan and the hook up to Zwift and Garmin. Pity can’t hook up on the swim thou but read it’s a glitch at Garmins end. The training plan is working out well with my previous template to training so it has gelled in nicely, we have up the run a few events in the pipeline and the turbo training is a great start to the season as we stay in auld cold Scotland.

"Thank you for your feedback, we are happy to hear you are enjoying your plan and the training is...
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- 08 Feb 2020


Amazing Improvement! Hi, I purchased the 40 week Olympic Triathlon beginners plan. I've completed 3 Sprint Triathlons in the past two year and decided to up-my-game this year and sign up for an Olympic distance. Doubling the distance, I knew I needed a good training plan. After some research and looking at Coach Phil's plans I decided it was the right plan for me. I'm 18 weeks in and just completed my second round of FTP tests and here are my results: I've improved my swim by 9 seconds per 100 yards, my bike watts from 136 - 160, a 24 watt... >> read more - 06 Feb 2020

Simon Stark Toller
Sprint Triathlete, Jan 2020

Highly recommend Masters Sprint Triathlon Training Plan I highly recommend MyProCoach and the Master Sprint Triathlon Training Plan. Phil and Faye provided clear and easy to follow instructions to get the plan up and running. Their support was always prompt, friendly and professional. What more could you want from an online training plan?!! Simon - 05 Feb 2020

Christian Sokop Avatar
Christian Sokop
Ironman 70.3, January 2020

Achieved all my goals! Hi Phil!
First of all I need to say thank you very much for your excellent training plans, I really enjoy all of them, and achieved all my goals so far! Thank you for that!
- 29 Jan 2020

Yale H
Half Marathon, January 2020

Improved my half marathon times I used the 40+ Masters Plan for an upcoming 1/2 Marathon in a few days so I'm in taper week. But, throughout the plan I have seen my overall pace times lower and I expect to take at least 10 mins off my latest times, possibly more and get back closer to my PR from years ago. Since my past PR I have used other plans and have slowly gotten further away from it. Using MyProCoach 40+ has helped considerably and I plan to use them for upcoming Triathlon season and look forward to lowering those times as well. - 29 Jan 2020

Ultra Marathon, Jan 2020

Great Ultra Marathon plan! The training is very different from what I am used to. It is good to do a recovery week after the tough weeks. I am very happy with the training plan. I will continue to follow and am already looking forward to my race in May. I'm excited to see how it goes. - 15 Jan 2020

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