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865 reviews
Harry Lothridge
Half Distance Triathlon, July 2024
70.3 review I enjoyed the program very much. I liked the ‘check-in’ emails and videos as well. I don’t tend to need the 1x1 coaching experience, just the workouts and this was perfect. - 08 Jul 2024
Olympic Triathlon, July 2024
Solid coaching with amazing result At the age of 63, I decided I needed to get my health in order. Overweight with some serious health issues I decided it was now or never. Being goal-oriented I decided to train for an Olympic Triathlon would be a good idea. Well after a few years of training, I finished my first triathlon and placed 2nd in the Clydesdale over 40 division.
The next year I found Phil Mosley's MyProCoach free 12-week training plan. I followed the plan and competed in the 65-69 open age bracket and got second in my age bracket. No cramping this time in...
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- 08 Jul 2024
Alex J
Off-Season Plans, June 2024
Good for maintaining fitness - Off season Bought the 'Maintenance' plan. Good to follow up, I kept (and even increased a little bit) my fitness. The duration of the workouts are good and super easy to import and follow on my watch. My only feedback would be to structure the swimming workouts to be able to import and use them directly in Garmin.

Thanks for your review Alex, your coach will email you and update you on how to export your swims to your Garmin
- 07 Jul 2024
Dan Avatar
Half Marathon, June 2024
From 5km to 25km trail running in 8 weeks I'm a 'MTBer' with no running background or training and was only able to do 5km in just under 30 minutes.
I had 2 months to train for a 25km trail run and decided to give the 8-week "Intermediate Half Marathon Run Plan" a try. Long story short, I completed the 25km with a 700m ascent in 2h43m20s with an overall 8th place.
Thanks Phil!
- 03 Jul 2024
Jacob f Avatar
Jacob f
Half Distance Triathlon, June 2024
First 70.3 IRON MAN 40 weeks Unbelievable experience with the 40-week program, lots of hard work and dedication using this program.

I finished my first 70.3 in 5:53. Super Happy and Thank you again to the amazing team supporting me through my training block. I’ll be back again 100%
- 02 Jul 2024
Half Distance Triathlon, July 2024
These plans are fantastic. Phil Mosley, thank you. Thank you for the free 12-week training plan and for sharing your experience completely for free. For the first time, I participated in a triathlon and completed an Ironman 70.3 in 5 hours and 38 minutes. - 01 Jul 2024
Steve Shirtliff Avatar
Steve Shirtliff
Half Marathon, July 2024
Excellent Masters Half Marathon Plan Just completed the Beginner Masters Half Marathon plan ahead of running the Round Sheffield Run half marathon. A very hilly trail run.

I finished the run today and exceeded my expectations. I have used a few of Phil’s plans now and really enjoy the structure and the confidence they have given me ahead of events.
- 30 Jun 2024
Francois Labarre
Half Distance Triathlon, July 2024
Competent coaching, great answers to my questions. I definitely recommend registering!! I've just registered for Premium Unlimited Athlete and I asked some questions right away to Kelly (the coach who was assigned to me). Already, very very satisfied with the answers I got from her. Very good advice to all of my questions, and she seemed very competent. Can't wait to start my program in one week. So far, it's an 11 out of 10 😉 - 29 Jun 2024
Marcello Magnaghi
Half Distance Triathlon, July 2024
24-weeks Ironman 70.3 Training Plan - A winner! I recently completed the Ironman 70.3 Westfriesland, and I owe my success to the incredible 24-week beginner training program I followed. This program was a game-changer, enabling me to race with confidence and a big smile on my face from start to finish.
From the get-go, the program's design stood out for its efficiency and effectiveness. The weekday sessions were concise and manageable, even with a full-time job. I never felt overwhelmed or that the training was encroaching on my daily life. The longer weekend sessions were well-planned and instrumental in building endurance and strength. The gradual increase in intensity and...
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- 28 Jun 2024
Marcel Witman Avatar
Marcel Witman
Half Distance Triathlon, June 2024
Exceeds all expectations As someone who trained himself to 3x marathon and 1x IRONMAN 70.3, I was tempted to go for a more structured approach, to see if it was something for me.
And oh boy it was! After a lot of research I landed on the beginner IRONMAN 70.3 plan for 16 weeks and straight from the beginning I was hooked.
The ease of use, the fact that workouts go green when you complete them, the amount of data each workout gives you and the fact that everything is thought out for you is amazing.

The first time I did the 70.3...
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- 26 Jun 2024
Sarah Bell
Half Distance Triathlon, June 2024
70.3 triathlon in the bag Just wanted to thank you so much and let you know that your free 8-week beginner half Ironman training plan got me to the finish line of my first half distance yesterday.

I still can’t believe I did it! I thought it was going to be way too little, too late but this is absolute proof that your training plans work if you stick to them.

Thank you so much again and to Sallie for her tips when I doubted myself. I really couldn’t have done this with such limited time to train, without your plan.
- 19 Jun 2024
AnnMarie McCormick Avatar
AnnMarie McCormick
Half Marathon, June 2024
Thank you Coach Phil and Team! I have been a runner for over 40 years and completed 2 half marathons when I was in my 30's. In March, I turned 65 and my 5 children suggested we all run a half marathon to celebrate my 65th year. At this time, I was only running 16 miles per week, so I knew I needed professional training help. I started to follow Coach Phil and his team for training tips, including increase in mileage, hydration, protein intake, etc. All important aspects of running a longer distance than I was familiar with. I loved... >> read more - 15 Jun 2024
EMG Avatar
Full Distance Triathlon 140.6, June 2024
Couldn't be happier! A few months ago I signed up for my first full Ironman distance (race in June 2024). In the past, I did lots of 70.3 but I haven't raced since 2019.

In the past I used coaches, but this year I felt I had enough experience and inner drive to get a plan and work around it. (It is also much more cost-efficient). Then I found Phil's plans on TrainingPeaks and got a couple of them to cover the months ahead.

In order to build up and get some speed, I started with a 10-week plan for 70.3 which helped me to...
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- 14 Jun 2024
Joe Lauer Avatar
Joe Lauer
Olympic Triathlon, June 2024
Faster and stronger than expected Phil's intermediate-level Olympic distance 8-week plan was perfect for jumping up from a Sprint Tri. I had a strong aerobic base going in and met the biking and running qualifications, but I was a bit shy on the swimming. With the help of the coaches, I modified the swimming exercises to be slightly shorter, while executing the bike and run workouts as-is. I'd highly recommend doing your speed bike workouts on Zwift or something similar so that you can properly do the power intervals. I would do the longer rides outside. After 8 weeks, I was able to survive the... >> read more - 13 Jun 2024
Half Distance Triathlon, June 2024
Totally recommend Phil's training plans from beginner to experienced. I totally recommend MyProCoach training plans because of the easy-to-follow structure, the wealth of information from the videos and articles, and the professional and quick email response of the coaches. I used the free beginner, intermediate and advanced programs at first and adjusted the training to my experience (novice swimmer, experienced cyclist, beginner runner) because I felt overwhelmed training for 3 disciplines. After 2 years and 7 IM70.3 races, I signed up for the unlimited athlete with no regrets. I went from 18th AG(55-59) in 2022 to 3rd AG(60-64) IM70.3 Galveston, TX and 1st AG(60-64) IM70.3 Kona HI in 2024.
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- 11 Jun 2024
Half Distance Triathlon, June 2024
12 Week Beginner Triathlon Plan This past weekend I completed my first Ironman 70.3 after following the 12-week beginner training plan. I absolutely loved this plan - it was so easy to follow, allowed me the flexibility to move things around, gradually built up the training in a way that was so manageable and realistically building up my ability and I didn't have to sacrifice my commitments outside of training such as work and my social life.
When it came to race day, I felt more than ready and felt extremely well-prepared, confident and capable in my performance. The next day my body wasn't sore and...
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- 05 Jun 2024
Sibu Avatar
Half Distance Triathlon, June 2024
Training plans delivered good results I took the beginners triathlon plan late last year to train for my first ever half Ironman. The plan was so easy to follow and it fitted perfectly with other aspects of my life. There was a balance of volume and recovery. 24 weeks of following the program, I managed to successfully complete my first Ironman and I finished very strong with a lot left in the tank! I wouldn’t have made it if it wasn’t for your training plan. Thank you! - 04 Jun 2024
Francesca Scalco
Half Distance Triathlon, June 2024
Ironman 70.3 - amazing training program I recently completed the Ironman 70.3 in Switzerland, and I have to say that the training program from MyProCoach was absolutely amazing. I put my trust in it 100%, and the results were nothing short of incredible.

Considering that I had only started biking and swimming in January, completing the race in a time of 5.48 hours exceeded all my expectations. The program was well-structured, gradually building up my fitness levels and ensuring that I was adequately prepared for the challenges of the race.

One aspect that I particularly appreciated was the excellent support from the MyProCoach team. Whenever I had questions...
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- 04 Jun 2024
Karolis Avatar
Half Distance Triathlon, June 2024
First Ironman 70.3 experience Did a free 12-week beginner Half Distance Triathlon plan, with about 85% of sessions completed (missed a few sessions due to sickness). Pretty much no prior experience in long-distance swimming or cycling. Finished the race in 6h28min and really enjoyed it! Most importantly - I had no injuries and felt great the next day (just a little tired). I will be 100% recommending MyProCoach to my friends and plan on using them in the future! Thanks again 🙂 - 03 Jun 2024
Sprint Triathlon, May 2024
Great 121 support alongside an easy to follow plan I don't have anything to compare to as this is my first training plan, but I completed my first Sprint triathlon after having just completed Couch to 5k. Starting to swim regularly for the first time since I was a child and a bike commuter. I trained and raced without injury for 8 weeks. I completed my race with more ease than I expected, and feel excited to start training on a new plan. The workouts were easy to follow via my Garmin. The highlight for me was the incredibly thorough support I received for any queries I raised directly... >> read more - 30 May 2024
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