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151 reviews
Mike Avatar
IRONMAN 140.6, December 2019

100% Worth the Money Used the Advanced 40-week IRONMAN plan and absolutely loved it! I was between the Intermediate and Advanced plans, but with the support/advice from the coaches, I was confidently able to purchase the plan that best suited my goals. The one thing about this plan that stood out to me was the organization: this plan works excellently for those busy during the weekdays. I was able to complete 85-90% of the workouts in medical school and during residency interview season, which I was extremely happy with. Second, there is a good balance with this plan because I never felt totally burnt... >> read more - 03 Dec 2019

Whitney Avatar
IRONMAN 140.6, November 2019

I am an IRONMAN! I used the Intermediate IRONMAN training plan for my first IRONMAN, and it was a huge success! And the coaches were extremely helpful and responsive when I had issues. I broke my arm 12wks out from race day, and they helped me plan around that to ultimately make it to the finish line...2hrs faster than I had hoped for for my first IRONMAN! - 01 Dec 2019

Calder Quinn Avatar
Calder Quinn
Marathon, November 2019

I just ran the Berlin Marathon in 4:36 using the Phil Mosely 12-week Intermediate Marathon plan. I followed every instruction to the T and I surprised myself with a strong and satisfactory performance (my prior two marathons I finished above 5 hours without a training plan). - 25 Nov 2019

Fernando Rivera
Century/Gran Fondo, November 2019

Gran Fondo The plan is awesome, I only miss the cadence, that will be good to have it in my future training plans.

"We are grateful for this feedback and are working to add further advice on riding at the right cadence." My Pro Coach
- 20 Nov 2019

Elise Gianchino Avatar
Elise Gianchino
Duathlon, November 2019

Balancing training with life and work I have used Phil Mosley's training plans training for South African Duathlon Championships 2018 where I won my age group ladies 40-44 and qualified to go to Worlds. Thank you for these plans they really work, balancing training with life and work. - 20 Nov 2019

Koen Geerinck
IRONMAN 140.6, November 2019

Absolutely the right plan for the ultimate IM race experience! Last month I successfully completed my first IRONMAN 140.6, all thanks to Phil's Intermediate IRONMAN® 140.6, 16-week training plan. It was an incredible experience to reach the finish line smoothly, I arrived more than an hour faster than expected. The training plan really guided me super well in all important areas and therefore perfectly prepared me for the big day. Without a doubt, I will order a new training plan for my next IM races! Big thanks! - 18 Nov 2019

Ramunas Avatar
IRONMAN 140.6, November 2019

Sub 10 hour Chose 36 week IM plan for my first IM. Excellent guidance through 9 months of training led me to 9 hours 43 min IM finishing time. It was very motivating to see progress during several first months. The plan kept me disciplined when FTP, CSS flattened, especially in the longest training months. Very user-friendly integration with Garmin and TrainingPeaks. Highly recommend Phil’s plan to anyone who does not have a personal coach. - 15 Nov 2019

David Schwan Avatar
David Schwan
IRONMAN 70.3 for Masters, November 2019

Very Good Plan/Holistic approach Only 5 weeks into the training plan, but love so far. The only addition I would include is a plan that includes power for running and it would be perfect. Pic-Last season, 1st in the age group.

"We are grateful for this feedback and are currently researching the best way to add power-based run workouts to our plans - My Pro Coach"
- 15 Nov 2019

Mathieu C
IRONMAN 140.6, November 2019

The Perfect Plan In September 2018, after some serious research of training plans that were available out there, I finally chose coach Mosley’s 48-wk plan to prepare for my first full distance Ironman 140.6 in Mt-Tremblant, Qc, Canada. From day one, I loved the way I could fit my training sessions in my family and professional calendars (I’m a father of two with a full time job). Workouts integrated seamlessly with my Garmin devices, and it was easy to reshuffle some of them when unexpected happened. I felt ready on D-day and achieved all my goals! So when time came this year to... >> read more - 08 Nov 2019

Morgan Courtenay Avatar
Morgan Courtenay
Rapid FTP Booster, November 2019

FTP Boosted! I have been using Phil’s FTP booster programme. It has been amazing. I have increased my FTP from 183 to 227 in roughly 3 months! - 06 Nov 2019

John O'Dowd Avatar
John O'Dowd
Dublin Marathon, October 2019

Marathon Success I ran the Dublin marathon yesterday in a time of 3:19:54, beating my goal of a sub 3:30. Thank you for all your help along the way, there is no chance I'd have done that well without the program and your advice. - 28 Oct 2019

Christian Trevino Avatar
Christian Trevino
IRONMAN 70.3, October 2019

Excellent Investment Just completed my 3rd Ironman 70.3 and is what helped my training be exactly where it needs to be. Ironman Waco 70.3 was great and the training plan put me in a position to finish and have fun at the same time. Getting another plan very soon. - 28 Oct 2019

James Lessell Avatar
James Lessell
Marathon, October 2019

A Game Changer For me this training plan was a game changer. Every run had a proper purpose and helped build my lactate and my fitness. I have run 4 Marathons but this was the only one that had a really strong plan. 5 runs a week so was manageable and the other game changer was forcing me to do most of my runs slower which in turn gave me more strength for hill runs, speed works and fitness tests and ultimately made me faster. the top headline is I went from 4'03 marathon to 3'26 which is HUGE and now I plan... >> read more - 26 Oct 2019

Stefan Burmeister
IRONMAN, October 2019

Top App For beginner like me it's very to understand and to absolve the workouts. I've linked the app with Garmin Connect and my Garmin Frontrunner. Great to use it. Now I've almost completed my second week. - 25 Oct 2019

Andres Moreno Avatar
Andres Moreno
IRONMAN 70.3, October 2019

Great 20 weeks of training I got the 20 Weeks IronMan 70.3 Beginner plan and it worked perfectly for me. This was my first ever half distance triathlon and I was able to get the right fitness for the event. The plan has a great structure, the intensity of the workouts is just right and the duration was good enough to still have time for other activities. I completed the race and I couldn't be more satisfied with the training plan. - 24 Oct 2019

Su Yin Ong Avatar
Su Yin Ong

First Ironman70.3! First ever half-Iron distance at the Ironman70.3 Goa, and managed to finish within my target time despite a steep segment on the bike and run. Finished strong without injury, thanks to Phil Mosley’s training plan. I especially liked the flexibility provided by the coaches, and the personal touch in correspondences. Looking forward to more training and improving on my 70.3 times! - 23 Oct 2019

Chris Wheeler
IRONMAN 70.3, October 2019

First 70.3 Sucess Just completed my first 70.3 (Goa) after using the 24-week Intermediate Plan. I felt really prepared going in and ended up finishing 1st in my AG, 7th overall and securing a place at the 2020 World Championship. The plan is perfect for those juggling life and training; I was able to hit my fitness goals even when facing a busy work life and having a toddler at home. However, the most useful thing for me on race day were the hints and tips that get shared by Phil and his team on a regular basis. Over the course of my... >> read more - 21 Oct 2019

Xiomara Obtene Avatar
Xiomara Obtene
Triathlon, October 2019

Better results with your plan I would like to thank all the team that help me to achieve my goals. I have been training for 4 years by my self and only getting a fifth-place as my best result on those 4 years.
This year I train with you and I am very happy to tell you on my 3 competitions this year I get 3rd Veracruz and 3rd San Luis and in my last one I get a second place at Cozumel all in Mexico

Thank you all and I will continue my training with you next year

Best regards
- 21 Oct 2019

Greg W
Half Marathon, October 2019

An amazing and manageable plan that took 4 mins off my half marathon PB... fantastic!! Having done a few halfs, tris, and a marathon before, this time I wanted to beat my PB but knew I would struggle to fit more than 4 sessions a week on top of a hectic work/family life. Phil suggested the beginner plan simply for number of sessions, and it worked out perfectly. The runs are well structured each week, with a perfect balance of an achievable increase in effort vs. pushing yourself harder and longer. I will definitely be using MyProCoach workouts in the future and recommend them to anyone. Thank you, I am super pleased with the outcome!! - 14 Oct 2019

Edmond Ting Avatar
Edmond Ting
Intermediate Masters Marathon Plan, October 2019

Thanks for the directions Fast.
Very helpful. Wow.
One of the best email support I have ever experienced. I would recommend my friends and family just based on the email support.

Keep up the good work!
- 10 Oct 2019

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