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429 reviews
Kyle H
IRONMAN 140.6, November 2021

Amazing Results! I chose the intermediate 48 week Ironman plan for Ironman Arizona this year. I finished the race in 11:45:00 which was one hour 40 min faster than my previous best. I felt controlled and strong the entire race and didn't crash in the run like so many people do. If you put in the time to do plan as prescribed it will get you to your goals. I really liked how the plan was structured and paired with training peaks made each work out easy to follow. I am a working husband and dad to a 5 year old so... >> read more - 30 Nov 2021

Triathlete, November 2021

Great service, great price, I'd like a little more functionality Great response to emails, very fast and complete answers. I wish phone support was an option, and I wish FTP for the swim, bike and run was more automated. It's a pain to go into training peaks from a laptop (you can't do it from a mobile device) to update your pace in each month for each discipline. I also think the nutrition should be more forward and directive. There should be a screen where it calculates how much to eat during the race based on my pace and my weight, and the race pace should... >> read more - 29 Nov 2021

Michel Yaacoub Avatar
Michel Yaacoub
Unlimited Athlete, November 2021

Great Plan, let's do it again! I just finished my 70.3 Egypt on 19th Nov21, I can't be happier or give enough credit to the training program that i got from MyProCoach and the amazing support from my assigned coach (Jess). The flexibility with the Unlimited Athlete package was really handy. The training plan was balanced and I managed to follow the plan for the most part. At some point I was doubting if I was ready but as Phil always says in his short videos (believe in the plan) and I was able to finish a challenging 70.3 Egypt that had 50km of unexpected... >> read more - 29 Nov 2021

Alberto Avatar
Unlimited Athlete, November 2021

A Grateful Unlimited Athlete
Today I raced at the Florence marathon. I fulfilled my dream of completing a marathon under 3h (2h53m). I also beat my PR for 10k and half marathon!! I just renewed the annual MyProCoach Unlimited Athlete subscription that has helped me to achieve all my goals. I am really grateful for it.
- 29 Nov 2021

Harry Feeney
Unlimited Athlete, November 2021

Best Shape of My Life The first plan as an Unlimited athlete was Phil's Advanced Sprint Duathlon 8 Week Plan. Fitness was after dipping a lot after the disappointment of the scheduled 1/2 Ironman being canceled a few months prior. I am extremely happy with the results I achieved following the plan. The 2 4km runs were 2 seconds and 7 seconds off my previous best solo 5km run race pace. And I did not fade once during the runs, running at 3:42 and 3:47 per km respectively. I was absolutely delighted with this, once you follow the plan to the best of your ability,... >> read more - 29 Nov 2021

Eric Landon
Unlimited Athlete, November 2021

Coaching with Support Spectacular program and even better support from Jess who understands masters racing and how much training is required. It's hard to be disciplined without goals and a plan to achieve them so MyProCoach offers motivation and direction.
- 27 Nov 2021

Marcela Botero Avatar
Marcela Botero
Marathon Runner, November 2021

Istanbul Marathon Nov 7th 2021 Istanbul was my first Marathon and I was very happy to train for over 9 months with Phil Mosley’s plan. I felt strong during the competition and came 1st in my category which was awesome 🤩 - 25 Nov 2021

Triathlete, November 2021

My Favorite Training Plan Creators 2020 was going to be a big year as I wanted to not only do my best at Sprint Tri WC, but I also wanted to sub 11hr my very first full distance triathlon at IRONMAN Mont Tremblant so I picked up a private coach to help me train for both. Obviously, due to COVID, both events were canceled for the next two years, but through it I learned that your plans helped me increase my fitness JUST as much as a private coach (which was costing me $200+/mo!). So now that I'm back to focusing on a single event... >> read more - 25 Nov 2021

Tyler Trust Avatar
Tyler Trust
IRONMAN 140.6, November 2021

A Great Training Plan for Ironman I followed this training plan as closely as I could for all 32 weeks, then my scheduled race was cancelled and I got transferred to a different race 4 weeks later. I basically repeated the final 4 weeks of the training plan, and I couldn't be happier with my finish time of 13:34:36 for my first Ironman distance triathlon. Endurance is one of those things that is built slowly, one workout at a time, and because the training plan is so long, it may not feel like you are getting stronger, but trust in the plan. By the time race... >> read more - 24 Nov 2021

Nikolaus Avatar
Marathon, November 2021

First Marathon at 55 - 3:37h I am 55 years old (young? 😉 and prepared with an ambitious training plan for my first Marathon. I followed the regime very strictly and finished Barcelona 2021 in 3:37:58. I am very happy and grateful to Phil and his team for the fantastic (email) support that was provided. This investment was worth every penny.
Best Nikolaus
- 24 Nov 2021

Nurlan Nurlybayev
IRONMAN 70.3, November 2021

Ironman 70.3 - Egypt - completed The Ironman 70.3 was the first serious sport I started in my life, and I am happy that I chose MyProCoach training plan. My 3-month plan was perfect, even though I missed at least 30% of training due to unforeseen circumstances.
The purpose of my Ironman 70.3 journey was to prove that humans should be active and take care of their health, by doing any kind of sports, as not everybody is capable of this. Thus I dedicate my Ironman 70.3 Egypt Medal to my brother - Nurzhan, who has cerebral palsy disease.

In brief, Egypt Ironman 70.3 was a...
>> read more
- 23 Nov 2021

João Campos
Unlimited Athlete, November 2021

If you're looking for pre-built plans with an extra human component, you're in for this I've been and MyProCoach Unlimited Athlete for a year.

The coach assigned to me, Coach Jess McMorris, has been tireless replying to my questions and helping me with my doubts. The plans are very clear and easy to follow, and changing them regarding the objectives and the current health and time available to train is a breeze.
- 22 Nov 2021

Alex Porter
IRONMAN 70.3 Athlete, November 2021

Couldn't be happier I very seldom leave reviews but I couldn't be happier with this service. First time triathlete and purchased the 28th week 70.3 beginner plan. not only have I made healthy and consistent gains beyond my expectations but most importantly, I feel extremely confident I have not over or under trained. Auto-sync with my Garmin devices (both ways) made my workouts and logging seamless. Some of the best money ever spent. - 22 Nov 2021

Zafiris Arabatzis Avatar
Zafiris Arabatzis
Marathon, November 2021

Good shoes, decent watch and Phil's marathon(masters) training plan! This is all you need for a succesful marathon. As most of us have the shoes and the watch, this plan was a game changer for me!!! Thank you Sallie! - 18 Nov 2021

Jason Doby Avatar
Jason Doby
Unlimited Athlete, November 2021

Myprocoach is perfect I signed up with myprocoach and started training on 6/1/21 for my race in Oceanside on 10/30/21. I had no clue what the training was going to look like, what zones meant, and had thousands of questions? The team always answered within hours. I would recommend myprocoach to anyone who is looking for a training plan! - 18 Nov 2021

Robert McCarty Avatar
Robert McCarty
IRONMAN 70.3, November 2021

Great value and results I started off with a running plan and got a PR at my half marathon, so I went ahead and became an Unlimited Athlete. The advice and support from my coach (Kelly Watts) has been far above what I expected and what I received from my last triathlon coach. The plan Phil put together and Kelly has been guiding me through is perfect for me. I look forward to crushing more goals with their support! - 18 Nov 2021

Cameron Moser Avatar
Cameron Moser
IRONMAN Athlete, November 2021

I really enjoyed how he mixed up the workouts with helpful and encouraging tips along the way. The conditions on race day for Ironman Florida 2021 were tough. Despite feeling strong on the swim, there was rough chop and a heavy rip current that wore me down and extended my finish time by 30 minutes more than I expected. Later I would learn that almost 30% of the field did not make the cutoff time! Getting on the bike, already fatigued, I had to battle winds up to 20 mph with temperatures in the low 50s, which is way colder than I was used to training in. It wasn’t until about 70 miles in that I finally... >> read more - 18 Nov 2021

Avner Avatar
IRONMAN Athlete, November 2021

Boost of confidence toward my first IM I am in the middle of my plan toward my first IM which is scheduled for January 2022 in Eilat, "Israman", considered as one of the toughest ones.
To understand where I stand, grab confidence and experience I took part this week-end of the HIM in Tiberias. I felt so far that the program is too soft, doesn't push me enough and I was afraid to not be prepared enough neither for the HIM and neither of the full one...and I was wrong! The condition were very hard (terrible water, wind, high temperature) and I did better than I expect and...
>> read more
- 15 Nov 2021

Stuart A.
Ironman 140.6, November 2021

Never too old to learn! When a knee injury ended my days playing 5-a-side I looked around for an activity that could act as a replacement and thought Triathlons might be a way to learn new skills and keep active. So, at 54 I bought a 2nd hand wetsuit, borrowed a bike and taught myself to swim and cycle. A year later I entered my first sprint Triathlon (and just about got around). The following year and with a lot of effort, I completed my first half Ironman. I then set my sights on completing a full Ironman for my 60th birthday. It... >> read more - 15 Nov 2021

Mohamed Elqulai
IRONMAN 70.3, November 2021

First IM 70.3 for me Helpful plan but need to follow up by yourself because their is no coach to follow you up.
If you face any tired or fatigue you need to learn how you can compensate your missed workouts.
I like the plan especially swimming even though as I trained for IM 70.3 but training distance was much than this no. Also workload intensity was perfect
- 13 Nov 2021

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