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Michael B
IRONMAN 140.6, September 2020

Training Focus Training plan gave me motivation, focus, and a purpose to get out there and train no matter the weather, mindset, and physical condition. - 26 Sep 2020

James Dunning Avatar
James Dunning
IRONMAN 70.3, September 2020

Its ok It was clear and understandable. Restriction on not being able to juggle days about without a further upgrade which is wrong as I paid for the plan. Due to covid19 my races were cancelled so it became obsolete. I'm sure I'm not able to restart or reschedule this either.

Thank you for your feedback James. You can reuse your plan in the future, our coaching team has contacted you privately to show you how.
- 25 Sep 2020

IRONMAN 70.3, September 2020

Excellent strength, cardio and everything else 70.3 plan Phil’s training plans are AMAZING! Not only are the training plans such a good mix of strength and cardio, they are also super informational about other things like nutrition and understand the workout zones. I’ve used his basic 70.3 and then when my race got postponed, so I switch up to his intermediate plan and was three weeks away when the race was canceled to the blue-green algae in the water (thanks 2020). At the end, I felt so confident that I was going to come in under 7 hours. I will use his training plans again next year! - 23 Sep 2020

Jim VDK Avatar
Ultra Runner, September 2020

Your programs are great, they deserve all the credit. At the beginning of the year, I was anxious to train for a marathon, look at me now after 9 months I ran 100k!

With all the COVID precautions my 100k race was cancelled, but I decided to run the 100k on my own and guess what... I MADE IT...!

I want to thank you for the well-scheduled program I bought from TrainingPeaks.

I was well prepared, there was suffering of course(from 80K) but at the end of my trail, I felt pretty ok.
- 18 Sep 2020

Jeffrey Roberts Avatar
Jeffrey Roberts
IRONMAN 70.3, September 2020

Solid 70.3 Race Performance I did my personal 70.3 event last weekend Sunday. Huge success and the day was solid. Great swim, solid, much improved bike. And the run - well I was done before I knew it. I will be purchasing a new IM program for 2021 as I will be racing next August fingers crossed IM Mont Tremblant. - 16 Sep 2020

IRONMAN 70.3, September 2020

Awesome masters IM70.3 training plans Hi guys, I really like the plans from Phil Mosley. I like: A) the guidance you get to settle on a power you can sustain in the bike that enables you to run afterwards. B) that emails to the coach get answered. C) the bike workouts can be synchronized with FulGaz bike trainer. D) that they are clear and easy to follow. Some things I would prefer for the beginner masters plans are A) that during the week sessions only have 1 session per day (including strength training)

Thank you for your feedback Rich, we constantly look for ways to refine...
>> read more
- 13 Sep 2020

Olympic Triathlete, September 2020

Great plan Awesome plan, I've only been using it for a couple of weeks but this is the first time my Garmin app shows that I'm increasing my fitness for 3 weeks in a row. Before I was either going too hard or too easy with some workouts and never got more than 1 full week of increased fitness. Will definitely keep using this. Also, Jess is great, she answered all the questions I had and responded very quickly. - 12 Sep 2020

Diarmuid Crowley
Triathlete, September 2020

Good plan Easy to follow. Hopefully swim sessions can be transferable to Garmin soon. - 03 Sep 2020

Adam S Avatar
Adam S
Duathlete, August 2021

Definitely worth it! Great Duathlon Training Plan. Average min per mile has come down for my running and an increase in FTP on the bike. Worth every penny!!! - 19 Aug 2020

Carlos Lacasa
IRONMAN 70.3, August 2020

The best training plan I have ever tried I purchased an 18-week beginner's training course to tackle my first IRONMAN 70.3. The progression of the sessions and the intensity made me tired, but always looking forward to more training the next day. Unfortunately with the COVID-19, I couldn't compete, but they offered me the possibility to change to another intermediate training so I could progress. I can only say. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING. - 07 Aug 2020

Steve Dickson
Cyclist, July 2020

Worth Every Penny And More I am a recent returner to cycling at 52, having not cycled much at all since my late 20’s. I decided to get a smart turbo trainer and then started to do FTP workouts on Zwift. I did 6 weeks on a Zwift workout for FTP. Throughout the term I felt that it was okay but didn’t feel much of stretch. At the end of the Zwift program I remeasured my FTP and it had only increased very slightly. By 1 or 2 points. I then discovered My Pro Coach and TrainingPeaks. I decided to try a 6 week FTP... >> read more - 28 Jul 2020

Jon Atherton
UNLIMITED Athlete, July 2020

Very happy with the process and experience. The plan is great and the overall experience as a MyProCoach UNLIMITED Athlete is very positive and easy to use, all for a very modest cost. Very happy with the process and experience. - 27 Jul 2020

Duathlete, July 2020

The first plan that I managed to follow for such a long time. The first plan that I managed to follow for such a long time. Well structured, easy to use plan that does not require too much technology and data. It brought me in a very good shape and I will for sure use a following workout plan. - 16 Jul 2020

Peter Richmond
Duathlete, June 2020

Progressive I'm just hitting the build phase of my plan leading to a sprint duathlon later in the year, its been really easy to follow the plan and I'm really noticing the improvements in speed and power in both cycling and running which gave me a new 5K PB this morning. - 20 Jun 2020

Damir Proso
IRONMAN 70.3, May 2020

Hard but achievable. I always have trouble balancing work-training-life, like everyone I guess. With the plan and combination with TrainingPeaks, I can see the benefits and look forward to the days off. The flexibility of the plan is also a + for me since I can move around the sessions as I please if I stay longer in the office or life events take control. I got what I wanted, and it is to have the plan on my wrist I just have to know in advance the type and the length dress up and listen to what my watch is dictating. Where... >> read more - 25 May 2020

Dan Forer Avatar
Dan Forer
IRONMAN 70.3, May 2020

Quality: Intermediate 70.3 Quality Ironman 70.3 intermediate plan. I recommend it! I’m an amateur with 10yrs of competitive Tri and duathlon racing at world level in the past. I’m also experienced in training with no plan and a few extra kgs - this doesn’t work. I’ve trained in squads, on generic plans, dedicated one-to-one coaching in that time with various approaches from sprint to full Ironman. So I’ve seen a lot what what is out there. This plan is quality. On reading I could tell it was very good. The difficulty as intermediate is well placed. Its suitable challenging for someone with racing... >> read more - 21 May 2020

Roman Lachner
Olympic Triathlete, May 2020

Very helpful training plan An excellent Plan. I made a huge progress in my training with the olympic triathlon plan. - 15 May 2020

Anthony Brydon
IRONMAN 70.3, May 2020

Well structured and progressive training programme. I was in two minds about buying a training programme when you can get plans for free from magazines, websites etc. but I haven't looked back since buying one from myprocoach. I found it very well structured in a way which progressively improved my fitness, from pretty much nothing, to ready for an Ironman 70.3. This was after a break from any form of sport for 15 months due to an injury. This is all without the training taking over your life. The workouts are structured in a way that they are very beneficial but without being too time-consuming for... >> read more - 12 May 2020

Serter Büker Avatar
Serter Büker
Duathlete, May 2020

Perfect Plan First of all, thank you for the great Duathlon Plan which I purchased nearly 6 months ago. I have 3 'A' races this year but only one I can complete only because of COVID. I finished 3rd in my age group on Turkish Triathlon Federation Cross Duathlon Race. Now I will look new plan for my 10K PR. - 12 May 2020

IRONMAN 70.3, May 2020

Great plans and great team! Great 70.3 training plan and great support from the team! Removes the guesswork, just put your head down and follow the plan. Going from Olympic distance to 70.3 they perfectly advised on what plan was right and provided support along the way through injuries and race cancellations. Can't wait to put all that training into a race once that COVID19 crisis is over. - 08 May 2020

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