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381 reviews
Andy Lemons
IRONMAN 70.3, October 2021

Trust the Plan First time Half Ironman training (age group 50-54) and decided I would need help to do it. MyProCoach recommended the 15 week Master program. The mix of workouts are enjoyable and TrainingPeaks very convenient and informative. However, about two-thirds through training, I worried a little that I was not doing enough and that I did not have sufficient time. Some nerves are probably normal, so I pushed those doubts out of my head. I successfully completed my first HI and know that the training prepared me well. So well, in fact, that I believe I can do even better next... >> read more - 11 Oct 2021

Don Pocock Avatar
Don Pocock
IRONMAN 70.3, October 2021

Excellent preparation for my first 70.3 I used the Masters Beginner level training program to prepare for my first IM 70.3 event over a period of 39 weeks. My only experience in triathlon before beginning the program was a single sprint race three years prior. I felt the program was well developed and paced. Phil's plan helped me establish and measure benchmarks and the software adjusted my workouts for my skill and fitness improvement over time. The plan helped me to develop confidence, particularly in the swim. I found it to be highly structured, but easy to follow. Perhaps the... >> read more - 06 Oct 2021

Cyril Tomchik
Unlimited Athlete, October 2021

I'd just like to share with you some great news and thank your whole team for amazing training plans and coaching support over the last few
years that have made my dreams come true.
Here is my story. I've started running 3 years ago. I have never run in my life, even in school. I didn't like it at first but then I've got into it and decided to take on running seriously. I've bought few books and found few free training plans on the internet. These were good enough to get me ready for my first 10k and half marathon races...
>> read more
- 06 Oct 2021

Eleanor Taylor Avatar
Eleanor Taylor
Marathon, October 2021

Beginner's Marathon Plan Great plan, I went from being someone who had no confidence in my ability to run a marathon to actually being able to run it! - 05 Oct 2021

Amy Avatar
IRONMAN 70.3, October 2021

Strong in Muncie Phil and his team were a great support throughout my entire training. The programming was extremely manageable and I could feel my progress from week to week. I was ready for race day and felt strong for the entire 70.3! Looking forward to working with them to accomplish my goal of completing a full Ironman next June in Madison. - 04 Oct 2021

Ken D
IRONMAN 70.3, October 2021

70.3 Just finished my first 70.3. The TP plan was spot on. It had me properly conditioned and ready to go for race day. I had personal best times in the swim and bike. The coaching advise I received along the way was outstanding and very easy to implement. I will definitely use TP for my next race. - 04 Oct 2021

Leighanne Otten Avatar
Leighanne Otten
IRONMAN 70.3, October 2021

HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! DO IT!! These plans are so great!! I did their intermediate 70.3 plan last year and then did the advanced 70.3 24 week plan this year, and I was able to cut so much time off all three disciplines!! The plan well prepares you for race day and you are able to fit it in to a busy schedule without too much compromise to your life. I work 40 hours as a PT and was still able to complete workouts throughout the week without having trouble fitting them into life. RACE DAY WAS AMAZING! I was so well prepared that I finished... >> read more - 03 Oct 2021

Roberto Avatar
Marathon Runner, October 2021

A very good plan. Feel the progress from week to week A very good plan.
Feel the progress from week to week.
I did the best I could, and each time I improved, and 3 weeks before the marathon I ran 20km in a difficult mountainous terrain in my best time [and I think I have 12-13 of these competitions]. And when I went a marathon, it was the toughest marathon I have ever run, it was blowing in the face all the time, and at the end from the side, and 12.5 km on the beach [from 15.5 km to 28 km], and then about the last 4-2 km also on the...
>> read more
- 02 Oct 2021

Patka Avatar
Olympic Triathlete, September 2021

Midlife crisis 🙂 Text: Approaching my 50th birthday, I got the idea that an International distance triathlon would be a good, life affirming way to celebrate the milestone. Not being a really serious or highly trained athlete (who previously did only a couple of sprint ones), I figured I needed to train in order to finish and live to tell the story. Phil’s plan and Kelly’s help along the way answering many questions got me to the finish line and 3rd in my age category. - 01 Oct 2021

Reggie Cordova Avatar
Reggie Cordova
IRONMAN 140.6, October 2021

Ironman Dream With the help of MyProCoach it made my dream of becoming an Ironman a reality! Thank you so much! - 30 Sep 2021

Amanda Avatar
IRONMAN 140.6, September 2021

A Very manageable/doable plan! I used the Ironman beginners training plan and finished the Ironman!! It was a great plan and it allowed me to be successful in my first Ironman! It was very well balanced and super manageable! Thank you! It was the perfect plan for me to achieve my goal and still balance work and my family!!
Thank you!!
- 29 Sep 2021

Ann Huntington-Lozis Avatar
Ann Huntington-Lozis
IRONMAN 70.3, September 2021

KISS MyProCoach training plan with email support from Coach Jess was just what I needed to focus my training efforts and accomplish my first Ironman 70.3. I love how simple it is to load into Training Peaks and to see the workout plan on your garmin and or phone. Coach Jess was very responsive and helped me navigate several training and equipment questions I had. Myprocoach has so many resources to access to make your training plan effective and straight forward. I like how Coach Phil Mosley has video instruction accessible via links within TP. I tend to over complicate... >> read more - 29 Sep 2021

Marathon Runner, September 2021

Simply a great plan to follow I followed the advanced 12 weeks marathon plan from Phil and I felt great and happy throughout the entire journey. I did not miss a single workout and I actually enjoyed the improvements made by MyProCoach since when I had originally purchased the plan. With couple of workouts left before the big day, I can say this training plan led me to a condition that has never been so great until my current 50 years old age. I am leaner, faster and even lighter than ever before. With a body weight of 66 kg. and 12% body fat composition, achieved... >> read more - 29 Sep 2021

Jim Downing Avatar
Jim Downing
IRONMAN 70.3, September 2021

Helped me under 5hrs for 70.3 Did the 12 week 70.3 training plan. Found that the training load wasn't too much, and I reached the event confident in my form in all 3 disciplines (first time that's happened. Great email support from the team when I had questions or needed advice on rejigging my schedule.

My only caution is that the TSS rationing approach doesn't quite work for me - I seem to take longer to recover from FTP testing and speed training than from the z2 and threshold stuff. This meant that I found one of the active recovery weeks, and the first week...
>> read more
- 29 Sep 2021

Juan Pablo Gomez

Very Instrumental Very responsive but one would've hope that trainer would have access to Traningpeaks to make observations on data progress upon request. - 28 Sep 2021

John Schwander
Olympic Triathlete, September 2021

Sessions are logical, fun and challenging Your training approach and daily videos have been very helpful. I'm near the end of your Olympic training plan. I'm getting stronger and have lost a little weight. The sessions are logical, fun and challenging. Keep up the good work in providing excellent plans to folks like me. Jess has also been extremely helpful.
- 28 Sep 2021

Josué Hernandez Avatar
Josué Hernandez
IRONMAN 70.3, September 2021

Satisfied with my performance and my learnings Very satisfied with my results! The information provided in the form of articles and the answers to my specific questions via email were extremely valuable. - 27 Sep 2021

Iwan Avatar
Cyclist, September 2021

Ride of my life My goal was to ride the Marmotte gran fondo in the French Alps. I absolutely loved the training plan provided by Phil and his team. It suited my needs very well and the email support was great when I had questions about modifying the plan to prepare for my event. Thanks to the training plan I've never been fitter and had the greatest ride of my life! I even managed to finish in time for a gold certificate, finishing in just under 8 hours. Thanks Phil & team! - 27 Sep 2021

Michelle Gray
IRONMAN 70.3, September 2021

Great 10 wk Advanced Olympic training plan- it works! The 10-week Advanced Olympic Triathlon plan helped me get into great shape for my race, and I placed 3rd in my age group. - 27 Sep 2021

Josh Timm
IRONMAN 70.3, September 2021

Ironman 70.3 Beginner Training Plan Chose Training Peaks to train for my first IronMan 70.3 race. I would definitely recommend it for any beginner! - 27 Sep 2021

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