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I’m really proud of all the clients I’ve helped so far, and you can read from some of them belowI started MyProCoach to offer the world’s most comprehensive range of endurance sports training plans: all designed to help you enjoy the same success that my athletes and I have, in an affordable way that still means you have quality time for your family, friends and career.

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Desmond Grant
IRONMAN 140.6, July 2019

Beast mode Hi Phil, at 59 I’m no spring chicken. I followed your IM program. I’m not going to say it was “a walk in the park”, but in following the sessions it taught me a lot about my mental and physical limits and motivation. Unfortunately I came off my bike so will not be able to race. Shame as I was in beast mode, riding quicker in zone 2 than I have previously turned myself inside out to achieve. I’ll be following the over 40s 39 week IM program and returning to beast mode! Cheers Phil. 12 Jul 2019

Alex Avatar
IRONMAN, July 2019

Thanks so much for your plan! Hi Phil, I would never have expected to improve so much in only 12 weeks. Your training plan (IM Intermediate, 12 wks) allowed me to improve my own record on IM70.3 by 25min to reach 4H51 at Les Sables d'Olonne and my IM record by almost 2 hours to reach 10H48 at Roth. I am so happy with those achievements that I now decided to try a marathon plan for the end of my season. Next year, I will target to qualify for IM70.3 world championship and will definitely use your plan again! Thanks, Alex 12 Jul 2019

Nathalie Petrucci-Cecere Avatar
Nathalie Petrucci-Cecere
IRONMAN 70.3, July 2019

Hi Phil! As a 51 year old mother of 5 young children, I purchased your IRONMAN 70.3 beginner training plan last November. I am thrilled to report that I finished the Mt. Tremblant 70.3 Ironman with an easy 7:29 time. I did not push myself, as I was unsure of what to expect, but I am so happy that I completed your training INJURY FREE and ran a comfortable IRONMAN 70.3. Thank you!!!! I will be moving onto your beginner training for the FULL IRONMAN!!! 10 Jul 2019

Ben Ceccarelli Avatar
Ben Ceccarelli
Ironman 70.3 Coeur d\'Alene, June 2019

I just finished my first Ironman 70.3 and also my first triathlon. I used your beginners training program, and I can't tell you how excited I am with my finish.

Thanks so much for creating a program and having blogs and being accessible. I really appreciate what you do. Thank you!
08 Jul 2019

Daz Red Avatar
Daz Red
Sprint Duathlon, July 2019

Choosing My Pro Coach for my training plan has honestly been the best thing I have done since I started running 3 years ago. I'm a strength and conditioning coach and the plan has changed the way I train. Training myself previously I'd become very susceptible to injury as I was over training and pushing harder every session. The 24 week advance sprint duathlon plan has really improved my training and my fitness and times are improving so much. I always recommend My Pro Coach as I believe the plans would help so many people. 08 Jul 2019

Matthew Spurr Avatar
Matthew Spurr
Ironman 70.3 Austria, June 2019

Phil’s Ironman 70.3 Novice - 32 Week Phil’s plan broke down the training into manageable and well-explained blocks for me as a beginner triathlete (with only one sprint triathlon under my belt), it worked seamlessly inside of TrainingPeaks which took care of all the data maths for me!

Sessions come with a helpful explanation of why each part is important and they clearly lay out what is required of me on each day. The major thing for me was that it was so nicely balanced and meant that I could follow it week-after-week and really enjoy it.

I completed my first Ironman 70.3 in Austria earlier this year and...
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08 Jul 2019

Jan Avatar
Sprint/Olympic Triathlon, July 2019

Masters triathlon win win ! I can highly recommend Phils training plans . I have been on a training plan for the last year with exceptional results , I’m not new to the sport 16 years and now in the masters category. The training plan gives me a more balanced life and no niggles !!! In the last year I have won every race I entered, feeling fresh and have a stronger endurance speed base . At 64 im racing as I did in my 40’s . So thanks Phil , I'm looking forward to my next race ! Jan 02 Jul 2019

Shaun Dowling Avatar
Shaun Dowling
IRONMAN, July 2019

Phil is my first port of call for a plan and the person I would recommend first to others. This was the third plan that I have purchased from Phil. Each one has been excellent in terms of the progressive plan itself but also in terms of the reading that comes with it. I have gradually improved technique and fitness for sure, but I have also learned a lot and that is an important part of the journey for me. Phil's plans have enough variety to be interesting and yet enough commonality for progressions to be seen and felt. In addition, Phil is open to the occasional bit of more personal communication which I have tried not to abuse,... >> read more 01 Jul 2019

Kaylin Moser
Triathlete, July 2019

Quality Training Plans! Quality training plans that not only help achieve race goals, but also take time to educate with well written explanations for each workout. I love the periodic fitness tests that allow me to set pace goals and help me see my progress over time. My Pro Coach also provides plenty of change up throughout training, which helps me avoid burnout or frustration. I'm looking forward to using more plans to help me with future races! Thank you, My Pro Coach! 01 Jul 2019

Ben Harris Avatar
Ben Harris
IRONMAN 70.3, July 2019

Go for it, you will not be disappointed. I was initially apprehensive about purchasing a generic training program, but had been recommended Phil and team. - after I purchased the plan, all fears were immediately removed as the plan included not only advice on tailoring it to include for B, C races etc, but guidance for missing sessions, along with just other handy hints and tips. I've now smashed my race season goals, already getting the Sub 5hr 70.3 and even got the percentage I needed to attempt qualification for the ITU European Championships. - I'm in top form and looking forward to my A race of IM... >> read more 01 Jul 2019

Micheál Ryan Avatar
Micheál Ryan
Ironman Cork, June 2019

Feeling confident after following your Ironman 140.6 advanced plan Definitely 5 stars for your plans. Especially the longer bike sessions. I enjoyed and benefited from how specific they are regarding zones and not just “5hours zone 2” as I’ve seen on other plans before. 01 Jul 2019

Henrik Jespersen
IRONMAN 70.3, June 2019

Post IM 70.3 European Championship Elsinore I want to give a BIG high5 to the training plan! I followed it and finished more than 1 hour below what my goal was. My goal was to finish in 6h 50m, since I've never run a half marathon, so I didn't know what to expect. My finish time was 5h 48m! I know I didn't conquer any new ground, or break any records, but I exceeded my own expectations, and that's a victory in itself. I train mostly by myself and I am 100% sure that I COULD NOT not have done... >> read more 26 Jun 2019

Agustin Polanco
Masters IRONMAN 70.3, June 2019

I love the clarity of the workouts and all the info available on the website! - 12 Jun 2019

John Cox
USA, June 2019


Want to thank you personally for the online training program you provided for completing an IRONMAN. I'm a sprint triathlete for the most part and have never trained for this distance before. The program was excellent and had me well prepared to compete in the Ironman African Championships held in South Africa this year! It was an experience of a lifetime being my first one at this distance but I can truly say this wouldn't have been possible without your training guidance. Thanks again! -
11 Jun 2019

Tom Gygax
IRONMAN 70.3 Rapperswil, June 2019

Hi Phil

I am Swiss, 49 years old and have two sporty kids (11 and 12 years old). Four years ago, when my kids finished another Kids Triathlon by Nicola Spirig, I told them that I wanted to learn crawl swimming and then participate as well in a triathlon. 2 years ago I finished my first short distance triathlon, last year a triathlon over the Olympic distance and a short triathlon in St. Moritz. Last 32 weeks I trained with "Phil's Intermediate IRONMAN 70.3 Plan" and finished on Sunday the IM 70.3 Rapperswil, Switzerland in less than 5 hours.

Many thanks for...
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05 Jun 2019

Abel Munoz Avatar
Abel Munoz
IRONMAN 140.6, May 2019

Phil and the My Pro Coach team, thank you for helping me train wisely. I am just an average athlete who loves triathlon. I started just 4 years ago aged 38. I have finished 4 x IM 70.3 - all of them in average 6:10 hrs (not really very fast), despite that and the fact I have been so busy with our family business I decided to take on IM 140.6 at Lanzarote.

Your training plan gave me the perfect balance to train well and smart. I still had time for work and family. Thank you for all the feedback during...
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31 May 2019

Alfredo Blandon Moreno Avatar
Alfredo Blandon Moreno
IRONMAN 70.3, May 2019

Hi Phil, I'm from Nicaragua, I am 45 yrs, father of three wonderful children (another training by itself!) and a civil engineer. This was my second Ironman 70.3 (first was Augusta in 2017). I used the Intermediate Training plan. Even though I needed to take time out for an operation I still achieved the goal of completing with a time of 5 hours 55 minutes at the IM 70.3 Monterrey (my previous time was 6 hours 18 minutes). I am very pleased with the program it has the correct ratio of loads and rest. The inclusion of strength training, endurance... >> read more 20 May 2019

DeAnn Bell
IRONMAN 70.3, May 2019

My husband and I have just finished your Intermediate 16 Week 70.3 Plan and were very pleased with it. The workouts were challenging and effective. We are now looking forward to following your 140.6 plan. 18 May 2019

Mark Collinson
Triathlon, May 2019

I have just completed my first training plan with myprocoach and am very pleased with both my race results and my general feeling of wellbeing. - 18 May 2019

Jan Avery-Spoor
Sprint Triathlete, May 2019

Thank you Phil! My program is amazing and I am improving all the time. I had a great race, same time I did 4 years ago but faster run this time, being 64 next week and running sub 24 for 5k off the bike is a wow for me. I am feeling great. I have completed four races with three wins and one 2nd! Very happy! Loving the program. 17 May 2019

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