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Cycling Off-Season Fitness Maintenance Plans​

Designed to maintain your well-earned fitness whilst recovering from your season, so you’ll be fit AND recovered when the time comes to start ramping up.

"Recommend. I enjoyed the training and achieved my 100 miles goal!"

Konstantin - Century Cyclist

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Flexible, structured training for any level

Research-backed plans for any experience-level that fit around your lifestyle. From leading endurance coach Phil Mosley.

The world's best training app

We use TrainingPeaks for personalised training zones, trackable progress and so much more - on any major training device.

Certified coach support (rated 5.0/5)

On top of full help-centre & FAQ support (with videos), our coaches will quickly reply to any questions you have via email!

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Fitness Maintenance Cycling Plans with Free Coach Support


1. Choose your plan

Choose from our 4, 8, or 12-week fitness maintenance plans at beginner, intermediate or advanced level.

2. Activate your free TrainingPeaks™️ account

A flexible calendar, targeted training zones, trackable progress and so much more – on any device.

3. Get your online plan and start ticking off sessions!

Keep motivated with any of your training questions answered quickly by our team of certified coaches!

5 Stars from 219 reviews

About Phil Mosley


Phil is a recognised expert with over 20 years of experience, having featured on many endurance sports publications. He founded MyProCoach in 2010 to to offer the world’s most comprehensive range of online training plans, all designed to help you enjoy the same success that himself and his athletes have, while still making sure you have quality time for your family, friends and career.

Cycling Fitness Maintenance Plans

We use TrainingPeaks to deliver your plan – the world’s most popular endurance coaching platform. Free to use, TrainingPeaks is an online calendar that lets you record, track and analyze your training sessions. 

It has a host of great features allowing you to get as in-depth as you like, including the ability to export your workouts to your training devices (Garmin, TrainerRoad etc) and follow them in real time. 

TrainingPeaks enables us to set you in-depth training plans in a way that other formats cannot. Phil Mosley is a Certified Coach and one of the best-selling coaches on the platform.

We want to provide an affordable and effective training solution, including email coach support for any questions you may have.

Our Certified coaching team are on hand to answer any questions during the first use of your plan, plus a bonus 3 months after its completion. During checkout, please also share your email so I can send you a series of 5 helpful emails to get you started.

As you can understand, some limits apply, like personalisation or analysis of your training, but for anything else relevant to your plan, we would love to help. You also have full access to our online help centre, with videos and articles to help you train effectively.

We have a huge range of plans that enables you to select one that best meets your goals, schedule and ability. If you’re not sure where to start, read on below for a quick overview.

What type?
Our Standard and Masters plans are designed to get you ready for your target event, while our Off-Season plans are designed to allow you to recover from a tough season whilst maintaining your well-earned fitness. Generally, Masters plans are designed for athletes over 40 years old, although plenty of younger athletes love them too. The workouts are just as tough as with our standard training plans, but with more scheduled recovery days. And more strength and conditioning work, so you stay strong and flexible. Some find it easy to carry on with a normal training load, while others need to change their approach to training.

What length?
For the best outcome, count back from your “A” target race date and simply choose a plan to fill that gap (you can still work in other, smaller races during your plan). Note that longer plans start easier and progress more gradually than shorter plans. The body responds best to constant, gradual progression with regular recovery periods, and that’s exactly what our plans are designed to give you!

What level?
Choosing the correct level will help you get the most out of your plan. Generally, if you’ve never done this event before or currently train up to a few times per week, you might consider a Beginner plan. Alternatively, if you’ve done this event many times before or currently train 5+ times a week, you might consider an Advanced plan.

But don’t worry too much – we also let you swap the level for free within 14 days of purchase, if you find it too easy/hard!

Visit the MyProCoach Help Center for further guidance and to contact our Certified coaching team.

Certainly! Our training plans allow you to easily swap a few days around each week to suit your availability. Or you can swap out a session, to attend a similar group workout instead. That’s fine. If you opt for Training Peaks Premium (from $9.92 per month) you can even drag & drop your workouts onto different days. We give a few recommendations on how to best do this in our help centre.

And you can also train for multiple events! Our training plans guide you up to your target “A” race, but it’s also good to include some “B or C” races along the way. Our help centre goes through the exact steps you should take to enable you to get full benefit, without detracting from your key focus.

Beginner (4-12wks)

4-6 hrs
per week, across 3-4 cycling workouts

Intermediate (4-12wks)

6-8 hrs
per week, across 4-5 cycling workouts

Advanced (4-12wks)

7-9 hrs
per week, across 5-6 cycling workouts
5 Stars from 219 reviews

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  • Saif Al Assam

    Just finished my FTP test. I gained a whopping 20 watts!!! I can't believe how beneficial your sessions have been.

    20 Aug 2015
    Morgan Courtenay
    Rapid FTP Booster, November 2019

    FTP Boosted! I have been using Phil’s FTP booster programme. It has been amazing. I have increased my FTP from 183 to 227 in roughly 3 months!

    06 Nov 2019
    Paul Brimhall
    Century/GranFondo Cyclist, April 2020

    Perfect Plan for an OFG (old fat guy)! I will never again try to train without coaching and a plan. Simply getting out there and riding is fun, but then it is just activity. In order to get physical benefits, to me it is important to have a training plan. As a 68 year old, the plan was... >> read more

    21 Apr 2020
  • Joanne White

    I did the 50k sportive in 2 hours 14, despite stopping three times (Garmin not working). I was so delighted with that. I was on a buzz most of Saturday! _ _ _

    18 Mar 2015
    Keith Hollar
    Rapid FTP Booster, July 2019

    So Easy, So Fun, and It Works! I am two months into Phil's Advanced Rapid FTP Booster Plan and I am loving it. Just finished my FTP test and my FTP increased 9% in two months! I never knew that training with a power meter using a training plan would be so easy and fun. And it... >> read more

    18 Jul 2019
    Cycling Gran Fondo, February 2019

    Recommend. I enjoyed the training and achieved my 100 miles goal I got Grand Fondo TP, about 10 weeks. Was preparing for my solo imperial century. Increased my FTP for 40 watt and made 100 miles in 6h 30 minutes. Workouts are so good once you set up your accurate FTP.

    08 Feb 2020
  • Steve Dickson
    Cyclist, July 2020

    Worth Every Penny And More I am a recent returner to cycling at 52, having not cycled much at all since my late 20’s. I decided to get a smart turbo trainer and then started to do FTP workouts on Zwift. I did 6 weeks on a Zwift workout for FTP. Throughout the term I... >> read more

    28 Jul 2020
    Cyclist, December 2019

    Great App Great app!

    27 Dec 2019
    Fernando Rivera
    Century/Gran Fondo, November 2019

    Gran Fondo The plan is awesome, I only miss the cadence, that will be good to have it in my future training plans.

    "We are grateful for this feedback and are working to add further advice on riding at the right cadence." My Pro Coach

    20 Nov 2019

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5 Stars from 219 reviews

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