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Kerry Smith - OLYMPIC Triathlon

The plan was brilliant! The coach’s replies were prompt and very throrough. It gave me confidence in my race pace and nutrition too! ”


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Join over 20,000 successful triathletes, runners and cyclists with a MyProCoach training plan – designed to help reach your goals, while still making sure you have quality time for your family, friends and career.

Personalised, structured training

Research-backed plans for any experience-level that fit around your lifestyle. From leading endurance coach Phil Mosley.

Certified coach support

On top of full help-centre & FAQ support (with videos), our coaches will quickly reply to any training questions via email or Facebook messenger!

The world's best training app

We use TrainingPeaks for personalised training zones, trackable progress and more - compatible with over 100 apps and devices.

Swap plans at any time

Finding your plan too hard or too easy? Signed up to a different event? Or simply want to start fresh? We'll happily swap your plan whenever you want.


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Our training plans range from 6 to 48 weeks. The longer the plan, the longer you’ll have to build up your fitness. Depending on duration, each plan is broken into phases to prepare you for race day (the Base Phase, Build Phase, Peak Phase and Race Phase). They also all come in Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced, which determine the difficulty of your workouts and how many you’ll do each week. 

Not training for a specific event? You can choose one of our off-season fitness maintenance plans.
Over 40? You can even choose a Masters plan, with more recovery time built-in.

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Rated "5.0" 400+ Reviews
Always take the chance to try Myprocoach … and you’ll never leave it again! Simply fantastic. Clear and precise explanations. Great professional support. Since I chose to buy my training plan, I have never felt “alone”. As soon as I said that the plan I had chosen seemed light to me they immediately integrated with a superior one. I wouldn’t hesitate to advise a runner to enter the world of MyProCoach. Another of the beautiful things I experienced was when my anaerobic threshold changed, I updated on TrainingPeaks and in just one click my whole plan was updated with new values, just fantastic! My compliments to all of you … and never give up…

Arturo Anniballo

Very satisfied I’ve got to say, I have been really sceptical to buying a general training plan and thought that the best option is hiring a coach but the price of coaching service have turned me off that. MyProCoach I have found to be the perfect middle ground with excellent training plans and super helpful email service. This is honestly the best training plan I have ever used. Thank you Phil and your entire crew!

Jonas Olsvik

Loved everything about it I followed the beginner Olympic triathlon program and loved it. At first it felt like I wasn’t doing enough, but soon realised I had been over training and by following Phil’s sweet spot training I actually started getting faster and stronger even though by time I was doing less. I managed to catch a cold the week of my event, but despite this I was able to compete and finished the event within my time goal (less than 3hrs 30) and recovered well the next day. I felt strong throughout the event (well, except the last 3k which were up..

Kerry Smith

Frequently Asked Questions

We use the worlds’ best endurance sports app (TrainingPeaks) to deliver structured training plans according to your exact needs. You can access your training anywhere – via PC, Laptop, Phone or Tablet.

Your training plan is presented in a simple calendar view and you can easily move your workouts to suit your availability. Workout intensities are personalized to your current fitness, which is measured every 8-9 weeks.

You can sync your training plan with over 100 devices and apps – to help you track your progress. You can even export your workouts to devices and apps such as Garmin & Zwift, enabling you to follow the workouts in real time with on-screen guidance.

Our training plans are for athletes who don’t feel the need for a personal coach, but who still want the structure and planning of an expertly-written training program. Research has shown that you are twice as likely to reach your goals if you train with a structured plan.

Our plans provide motivation, structure, progression and recovery. Whenever you need help, our Certified Coaching team are available via email or Facebook.

They are created by Ironman Certified Coach Phil Mosley, who has designed hundreds of expert features and training plans for magazines such as Cycling Weekly, Cycling Plus & Triathletes World. Email or chat support is provided if you have any questions about your training plan.

The plans cater for beginner, intermediate and advanced amateur athletes over almost all formats of triathlon, duathlon, running and cycling, With over 800 different training programmes, we’re confident you’ll find one that suits your needs. Not sure which plan suits? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to reccommend a plan to suit your experience, schedule and available time.

Our training plans cater for beginner, intermediate and advanced athletes. The minimal requirement for our beginner plans is you can slowly swim 400 metres, cycle for 30 minutes and run for 20 minutes. But not all on the same day (yet!).

Our training plans ease you in gently. The longer the plan you choose, the more gently it eases you in and the more you’ll grow your fitness over time.

We carefully plan your training so that there’s a good balance of work and recovery each week. The workouts are designed to fit around a typical work week. You also have the flexibility to drag and drop your workouts onto different days. If you do this, we simply recommend that you’re careful not to stack lots of tough workouts into the space of just a few days. Doing this might leave you liable to injury and over-tiredness.

As an Unlimited subscriber, you’re welcome to use any MyProCoach training plan for your own personal needs. However, the training plans, workouts and content are subject to international copyright laws. This means that, unless you have written permission, you cannot share, copy or distribute our workouts, content and training plans to others. They’re for your personal use only.

Rated "5.0" 400+ Reviews

Become a MyProCoach
Unlimited Athlete

Get fitted to an expertly-crafted plan
from leading endurance coach Phil Mosley.


Unlimited Athlete Price Rise - Dec 1st 2021

As mentioned a couple of weeks ago, after 2 hugely successful years of our Unlimited Athlete subscription with over 1300 active members, we’ve decided to increase our prices for the first time on December 1st.

The feedback has been outstanding (rated 5.0 from 100’s of testimonials), and recently we’ve also added further personal coach time… For example, our coaches now check your personalised training zones are set up correctly, and also keep you accountable by getting in touch if you haven’t logged any training for 2 weeks.

So, to maintain this great customer service and to support our coaches, on Dec 1st we’re increasing both price options by $5 per month, or by $4 per month if you pay annually (but for all existing Unlimited Athletes, to give a fair warning, renewals will not increase in price until Feb 1st, 2022).

Lock-In Prices, Plus an Extra $20-Off!

For Black Friday, we are also giving a bonus $20 off any new annual subscription! Our annual prices are going up by $4 per month, or $48 per year. This means if you sign up this week with our bonus $20 off, you’ll be saving $68 compared to our future annual pricing.

Which comes down to as little as $3.55 per week for unlimited training plans and ongoing certified coach support. We can’t thank everyone enough for all your support!

The longer plans start easier and progress more gradually. This has a bearing on the difficulty level you choose. For example, a 12-week plan starts off at a higher level than a 36-week plan because with 12 weeks left there’s not as much opportunity to build up slowly.
Short Medium Long
4-12 weeks
14-24 weeks
27+ weeks
Required fitness level
Training phases
Fitness tests
Our Standard and Masters plans are designed to get you ready for your target event, while our Off-Season plans allow you to recover from a tough season but still maintain your well-earned fitness.
Approx. age
Under 40
Over 40
Recovery weeks
Every 4 weeks
Every 3 weeks
Strength sessions
1-2 per week
2 per week
1-2 per week
Likely goal
Train for event
Train for event
Maintain fitness
This table provides a brief overview of which level might be right for you, to help you get the most out of your plan. You should also note your current fitness levels and how many times you have done this event before.
Little to none
1-3 years
3+ years
Time to train
Likely goal
To finish
At least top half
All our plans are available for sale directly on the TrainingPeaks Store, or you can subscribe as a MyProCoach Unlimited Athlete to be able to swap freely between all of them, among other benefits.
$29 - $159 each
From $17/month
Flexible, structured training
TrainingPeaks training app
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Swap freely between all 900+ plans
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Don’t worry, you will always be able to access your completed workouts and your TrainingPeaks login credentials will stay the same. Also, if any payments happen to come out before we cancel your subscription, we’ll simply refund them.