My Story

My Story

My Pro Coach is an endurance sports coaching company founded by me, Phil Mosley in 2010.

I’ve been a passionate triathlete, runner and cyclist for 20 years and I guess the biggest challenge in that time has been balancing my training with my career and family responsibilities. I imagine it’s a similar story for you too.

I’ve always wanted to do well at my sport, but not to the detriment of everything else. For many years I didn’t get this right. I was either working or training. And when I wasn’t working or training I was just plain exhausted. My race results were inconsistent too. Sometimes I’d perform really well, other times I was a disappointment. 

I would often feel like I had no free time and was making a bad job of everything. Doing well at endurance sports gives me the self belief to do well at other things in life. But too often it just wasn’t happening.

After one particularly mediocre season I took some time to reflect. I read more books, blogs and scientific studies than usual – and I studied my training diaries in great depth. I started to notice some interesting patterns related to my weekly training hours and the effect they had on my health and race performances.  

It was clear to me that success as an amateur athlete was not about training more, it was about training better. In fact, the most successful seasons were the ones where I’d come to terms with the fact I didn’t have much time to train. 

With this in mind, the following season I deliberately did fewer workouts, but I trained much smarter. We’d just had a baby so I only had 6 hours to train each week, normally at 5:30 am each day. That training time was precious.

Despite my limited spare time I entered IRONMAN 140.6 Barcelona that year. I knew training time was limited but all I could do was put my faith into my training method and hope for the best. 

Race day soon came around and confidence-wise I must admit I felt a little under-trained. This partly stemmed from the fact that I’d never done particularly well at long distance races in the past, so my confidence wasn’t super high. 

But to my surprise I had one of my best ever races.

I paced it to perfection and finished in 8 hours 55, a new personal record for an IRONMAN. My swim, bike and run were all strong and I never struggled at any point. I was 40 at that time, although my age didn’t seem to make any difference to my fitness.

I felt great about myself afterwards, like I’d achieved something to be proud of forever. Best of all, throughout all my training, I still got to spend lots of time with my wife and baby daughter. And I grew my coaching business at the same time. 

Since then I’ve used this philosophy with all the athletes I’ve worked with. And the results have been consistently good (see feedback). 

That’s why I started My Pro Coach – to offer the world’s most comprehensive range of endurance sports training plans. All designed to help you enjoy the same success that my athletes and I have. And in an affordable way that still means you have quality time for your family, friends and career. 

The training is structured smartly, giving you flexibility to drag and drop your workouts to suit your availability. You even get email access to our Certified Coaches whenever you have questions along your journey.

I am based in England and have lived and travelled all over the world – including Europe, Australia, South Africa, Canada and North America. I work with thousands of athletes each year globally – you can hear from some of them here.

Please tell me about your goals and background so I can recommend a training plan to suit your specific needs (email or use our contact form).

I look forward to hearing from you.

Phil Mosley

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