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Phil Mosley


I’ve been a passionate coach, triathlete, runner and cyclist for most of my life – where the biggest challenge has been balancing training with my career, family and friends. I imagine it’s a similar story for you too. Several years back, when I turned 40, I became a new Dad and the sole bread winner in our family. It left me with very little time to train. I knew I needed to approach things differently, so I studied my training diaries in depth, while reading more books, blogs and scientific journals than I had time for…

It became clear to me that success as an amateur athlete was not about training more, it was about training better.

With this philosophy, at age 40, I managed one of my best races ever – finishing IRONMAN 140.6 Barcelona in 8:55 hrs (learn more). Since then, I’ve researched and refined this approach with all the athletes I’ve worked with worldwide – and the results have been great (read 100+ detailed reviews here).

And that’s why I started MyProCoach – to offer the world’s most comprehensive range of endurance sports training plans. All designed to help you enjoy the same success that my athletes and I have, in an affordable way that still means you have quality time for your family, friends and career.


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"The Intermediate IRONMAN Training Plan comfortably builds you towards the endurance fitness required to complete the full distance. My goal was to finish the Norseman and I raced my best full distance triathlon so far! Finishing 80th overall (Black T-Shirt!!) simply proves the plan (including the numerous supporting documents about pacing, strength exercise, swimming drills, … ) can set you up for a great race performance for even extreme triathlon."
Herbert Idink
Norseman 2018
"I did 06:19:14 for my first ever Ironman 70.3 which I’m very proud of since this time last year I was sitting around not doing anything, didn’t own a bike, and I hadn’t ever swam a lap in a pool. My wife, kids and dad came to the race and are SO PROUD. I gave your plan a 5 star rating on Training Peaks".
Kevin Kelly
IRONMAN 70.3 Florida 2017
"I'm delighted with how the season has gone. I'm thrilled with how far I have come and excited about how much further I can go. I feel that I have moved from "age grouper" to "serious age grouper". Next step is "elite age grouper”. Your triathlon coaching, encouragement and wise counsel has been invaluable and I know that I would not have had anything like the season if I wasn't working with you."
Laurie Proctor
GB Triathlete

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