Training Zone Calculators

Our online training plans use a system of five different training zones, to help you train at the right level for you personally.

Our online zone calculators use your thresholds to determine your training zones. We recommend creating separate zones for each discipline, so that you can train more accurately and monitor progress. 

**New** If you are following Phil’s plans on TrainingPeaks, you can now enter your thresholds directly into your TrainingPeaks Settings and use the MyProCoach auto calculation to add your Training Zones. You can create separate Training Zones for each discipline, such as swim, bike and run.

You can also download our Training Zones table here, which enables you to use several different methods to set your zones, including Feel, Heart Rate, Power, Pace.

Race Predictor Calculator

Simply enter a recent running race or fitness test performance into our race predictor calculator for your predicted race time and average race pace. For 5km, 10km, 15km and Half Marathon.

For accuracy, it helps if the conditions during your previous race or test-result are similar to your future race (i.e. weather, terrain, and race flow).

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